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I love spring! It's the time when new flowers bloom, the days are longer and sun is brighter....it's time to spring clean!


Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year again….

…when we start spring cleaning. Just last weekend I decided to go through my closet and clean out what I haven’t been wearing. I also cleaned out under the bed, and refreshed the plants on my porch. It makes me happy!

But do we ever think…

Shouldn’t we spring clean for our bodies?

I thought this year I would, and did my three day juice fast. I now feel refreshed and ready to go for the warmer months ahead. I encourage you to try juice fasting for at least a day to give your digestive system a rest and clear out some toxins. While you’re fasting, take some time to clean out your house too…as all of these things can be nourishing to your spirit and soul.

Click here for a One to Three Day Juice Fast

If you’ve never fasted before…make sure you read how to juice fast

And don’t forget the all important juice fasting recipes!

A Great Read: Raw Juicing

Did I ever tell you about the book “Raw Juicing?” I love this book. I think the author, Leslie Kenton, has a great whit in her writing and reminds us why juicing is so great. While all juicing is essentially “raw” because we don’t cook produce before juicing, it’s great to think of it this way and consider including more raw unprocessed foods in our diets. I love the recipes she provides! It’s definitely worth picking up this book to have for your cooking and recipe book collection.

If you are thinking about buying a juicing book or just want another great read, pick up her book at Amazon. Raw Juicing: The Healthy, Easy and Delicious Way to Gain the Benefits of the Raw Food Lifestyle by Leslie Kenton

If you’d like to see a list of my other favorite juicing books, go to the best juicing books

Juice of the month

This month’s juice is:

Orange - Grapefruit

Make this juice on a Saturday morning. It's so refreshing and energizing for the weekend. A classic breakfast pick that's sure to be a new staple recipe...

4 oranges (rind cut off)
1 large grapefruit (skin peeled/cut)

Juice the two together and drink! While grapefruit is a bitter juice, the orange balances it out nicely. It's also very easy. You know I love easy recipes!

If you have a juicing recipe to share, please do. I just created a page so that everyone can submit thier recipes directly on the site. I want it to be a community site where everyone can share!

Submit a Juice Recipe

Your questions answered

This months question comes from Ginnie in Harrisburg.

Q: “I just bought a Breville Juicer it seems to be one of the better ones (800 watts). When I juice pears (skin on) the juice is tan/brown and it doesn't taste very good at all. Am I doing something wrong?"

A: You aren't doing anything wrong. It's fine and normal to juice the skin but be sure to remove the core and seeds of the pear. If the seeds or too much core got in the juice, this would be part of the taste. Also, yes, the juice does turn out a brown color. This is partly because of the pear and partly because of the oxidation that occurs once the fruit is juiced. Totally normal.

I agree with you, pear doesn't taste great when juiced alone. I prefer to pair it (no pun intended :) with an apple. Even just one apple will help the taste significantly and makes it a very sweet juice. If it's too sweet for you with the added apple, add some water.

The type of pear that you use will make a difference. The best pears for juicing that I prefer are the crisp green bartlett or bosc(but these are softer). Stay away from juicing the asian pear varities- I find that those types aren't as yummy.

I'm not sure if you are new to juicing, but if you are, it might take some time for your taste buds to get use to the flavor of "real" juice. The stuff in the store is chock full of sugars, syrups and flavorings. For some of us(including myself), it takes time to develop a new palate and discover what the real stuff really tastes like! I've had the store bought pear juice before and it tastes nothing like the fresh. So if you don't like the fresh pear juice or even the apple and pear juice, definitely try some new recipes!

Do you have questions related to juicing?

Please ask on the Ask Me page

Do you know of any good juice bars?

I'm still looking! Do you have a favorite juice bar or juicing retreat you’d like to share? I’ve created a page that will help us all know where to go to get some fresh juice! Pretty please :)

Please add your favorite juice bar here

Keep juicing my juice lovers!



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