Review of the Lexen Juicer

The Lexen Juicer is a powerful single gear masticating juicer that “crushes“ fruits and vegetables and wheatgrass.

It is extremely versatile and can do a wide array of tasks in your kitchen!

This machine has many different functions than just a juicer. You can make pasta, nut butters, healthy baby food, banana whips, frozen desserts and soy milk making this machine an incredible value.


Some different features…Wheatgrass, anyone?

The Lexen juicer ensures that all produce can be juiced properly, including wheatgrass.

Compared to some other masticating juicers The Lexen has two specially designed augers, one for wheatgrass and one for fruits and vegetables. This is helpful for those that want the option of doing both, without buying two machines.

You’ll also be able to make pasta. I bet you weren’t expecting that from a juicer?! It comes with three attachments for your pasta making pleasure. They are not an additional cost!

Fiber or Sans Fiber in Your Juice?

You have the option to have your juice with or without the additional fiber that the pulp provides. The Lexen juicer has no internal screen (just one on top of the juice collection cup).

If you like pulpy juice, simply leave the screen off! This is great for people who prefer more pulp.

Most single gear juicers have an internal screen, and no juicing collection cup.

This design can save on cleaning and continuous juicing time compared to other juicers with an internal screen that clogged up requiring you to stop and remove some pulp.

Lexen Juicer

The one con among many pros.…

This juicer tends to provide a lower juice yield then other single gears. However, the versatility and lower price point makes up for it.

Versatility & the benefits of a Lexen juicer in a nutshell….

  • Includes a special auger for wheatgrass = You can juice grasses for restoring and maintaining good health!
  • Makes 3 types of pasta = The ability to make healthy versions of pasta for the family = healthier food
  • Frozen desserts, Banana whips = Healthy after dinner treats for everyone means a healthier bodies
  • Soy milk, Homemade Baby Food & Nut Butters = making your own versions allows you to control the ingredients and provide pure food for your family

That’s not all…

  • Easy to clean = Time is money!
  • Low or no heat generation = preservation of vitamins and enzymes for quality juice
  • No internal screen to clean or get clogged = saved time juicing and cleaning
  • Stainless steel shaft = sturdy and virtually unbreakable to save you money
  • Juice collecting cup with removable screen for pulpy juice = satisfying for different taste buds

Make pasta with the Lexen…

The pasta attachments allow you to use any type of flour you want for your healthy pasta :) You don’t have to put binders, chemicals, colorings or preservatives (yes, all things that could be in manufactured pasta). Not to mention, homemade is the BEST. These attachments allow you to provide wholesome meals for your family to keep everyone healthy.

The three pasta attachments...

  • Rigatoni pasta attachment
  • Spaghetti pasta attachment
  • Linguini pasta attachment

Even better…You’re protected

The Lexen manufacturer offers an 8 Year Warranty on its motor and 1 Year Warranty on parts. The machine is made of quality parts which will last a lifetime. This means you don’t have to worry about spending money on a juicer for a very long time. Hassle free!

So Remember…

This juicer saves you lots of $$$ by allowing you to make more then juice. The versatility it offers will pay for itself ten-fold.

Most Importantly….

It’s low price point is a good investment for the health of you and your family. Especially when we just aren’t sure what’s in the food we buy these days, you can be sure you have the ability to make outstanding juices, pastas, desserts, milks and nut butters

Do you want to juice with The Lexen?

It’s guaranteed to provide you with a lifetime of yummy juice!

Click here to order the Lexen Juicer at Amazon

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