Our top picks.  Choose & buy a juicer with these smart suggestions.

These are a few of my top picks for some of the best juicers.  There's a lot of good ones out there, but I think these are the best bets.

Omega Juicers:  a great brand that produces quality juice

Omega Juicer

The Omega Masticating 8000 series

omega vert Juicer

Omega Vert Juicer

Breville Juicers:  we love the stainless steel

Breville Compact

Breville 800JEXL

Breville BJE510XL

Green Star Juicers:  known for quality, versatility, very popular

Green Star Juicer

Green Star

Green Star Elite Juicer

Green Star Elite- Top of the line

The Hurom:  just like the vert, great juice and design

Hurom Juicer

 Hurom Upright

The Champion:  classic, durable & popular with juicing veterans

Champion Juicer

The Classic Champion Model

The Angel:  pricey but worth it if you can afford it

Angel Juicer

Angel Juicer

Please know that all of the recommended juicers on this site have been tested and researched for the best value and quality of juice. You might even want to compare the differences for you needs discussed in the juicer buying guide.

If you want to see what our opinion of the best options are, take a peek at our list of best juicers. I highly recommend it.

To help you make your decision try researching the different types of juicers and what makes them unique.

Next, you can take a look at my reviews of these individual brands if you already know you have a bend towards one of them:

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