Review of Breville Juicer: BJE510XL Juice Fountain, 800JEXL & BJE200 Juicers

Do you want to know why these are the Breville Juicer brand’s most popular models?

They have some good benefits that make them the most purchased.  They juice fast, they are affordable, they are designed well for juicing and for looks.  This is also the brand that Joe Cross uses in his Documentary "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" so that has brought a lot of popularity to this brand.

What are the benefits of this juicer, you ask?  Fast Juicing!

(Run errands and clean the kitchen with all of your extra time :)

Most of us don’t have a lot of time…we’ve got stuff to do! This juicer will juice fruit and vegetables faster then other juicers so you can juice for breakfast and still have time to run your errands! 

A few features make this possible: 

  • It operates at a 14,500 RPM’s
  • A fast centered-design motor
  • A unique knife blade cutter

Because the revolutions are so fast, it pushes the fruit against the pulp filter with more of a force.

In juicing tests the Breville juicer can juice 8 ounces in 5 seconds.

Compared to a gear juicer the fast speed could minimize the quality of nutrients. High RPM’s create a tiny bit of heat which may destroy some vitamins. This is part of the difference between centrifugal and the low speed gear juicers.

Click here if you prefer to investigate single gear juicers

It provides easy juicing.

It allows you to save time by feeding large pieces of produce in the feeding tube without cutting. The feeding tube is 3 inch’s wide! 

You won’t need to empty the pulp container very often. And when you do, you can just throw out a bag. It has a large container to catch unwanted pulp from several glasses of juice and is designed to fit a standard grocery bag.

Easy to clean dishwasher safe parts allow you to just stick them on the top shelf of your dishwasher. They have smooth and rounded edges that make it easy to rinse clean from the kitchen sink.

Wouldn’t you want to save time like this?

Design and engineering make it unique.

Not only are they attractive juicers, they have a well thought out deisgn.

Their designs allows for even pressure on the cutter and filter for optimum juicing. 

Every last drop of juice is squeezed from the pulp from the thousands of tiny, micro-mesh holes in the stainless steal cutter and filter. Because the holes are so small, they effectively block any seeds, pulp, or rind to deliver nothing but fresh, delicious juice. 

People save time by less prepping and cleaning with the fast motor and large feeding tube. 

And don't forget..The look of the Breville’s are attractive enough to leave out on your countertop.

It’s also super affordable for almost anyone’s budget. 

Most importantly, it’s the key to fast and easy juicing.

Thousands of people enjoy this juicer everyday. Rely on the talked about Breville name for your juicing needs…

After all, you deserve it, don’t you?

Most popular Breville juicer models

I really love the Breville juicers.  These is the juicer Joe Cross used in his movies Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.  The cheaper basic models are great for beginners and the more expensive models are great for those who want to step it up to something a little nicer.  

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