Detox recipes for juicing (get the glow)

Detox recipes are essential to boost your bodys cleansing abilities. Juice detox your body with my favorite fruit and vegetable juice recipe combos below.

detox juice recipes

These work best with a juice fast or a detox diet plan. There are some specific items that are very good for cleansing. You’ll find that I use a lot of the same produce in these recipes. Here’s why…

  • Cucumbers and celery are natural diuretics.
  • Beets are great for liver cleansing.
  • Lemons, ginger and apples aid in cleansing the entire body.
  • Cranberries are good for cleansing the bladder.
  • Greens nourish our cells and clean them at the same time.
  • Dandelion greens are especially good for cleaning the liver.

Good to know, right? :)

If you need a detox plan, use these detox recipes below in this detox diet plan.

The detox juice recipes

Carrot Cucumber Detox

3-4 carrots
1 cucumber
½ beet
½ lemon
1 inch of gingerroot 

Cucumber Beet Detox

1 cucumber
3 carrots
1 beet
2 stalks of celery
1 handful of parsley
½ lemon 

Cucumber Detox Drink

1 cucumber and ½ lemon 

Tomato with a Kick

2 tomatoes
2 green lettuce leaves
2 radishes
4 parsley sprigs
½ lemon

Veggie Mix Detox

3-4 carrots
2 celery stalks
½ beet
2 broccoli florets
½ lemon 

Cucumber Apple Detox

2 stalks of fennel
½ cucumber
½ green apple
1 handful of mint
1 inch of gingerroot 

This recipe is shockingly good tasting. 

Cabbage Salad Detox

1 quarter head of green cabbage
3 carrots
4 celery stalks 

Cabbage has so many good things in it for you. I like to add it to soups and often make coleslaw to help with daily cleansing. It’s a great idea to add just a small wedge to any juice (even just plain apple) for extra nutrients.

Perfect Skin Juice Detox

1 cucumber
1 parsnip
2-3 carrots
½ lemon
¼ green pepper 

Cucumber and bell pepper are good sources of silicon which is recommended to strengthen skin hair and nails. Studies show that foods high in silicon reduce signs of ageing, improving thickness and reducing wrinkles! 

Total Body Detox Juice

1 tomato
1 asparagus
1 cucumber
½ lemon 

Asparagus is a natural diuretic and helps to flush toxins from body, promotes kidney cleansing.

Liver Cleaner Detox

1 handful of dandelion
3-4 carrots
½ cucumber
½ lemon peeled 

Dandelion juice is a traditional remedy for cleaning the liver. You could also add dandelion tincture to any juice if you can’t buy the greens in your local market. 

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