The best juicer machines. Try these top picks for your style.

I like a lot of juicers, and I firmly believe there is not one “best juicer” for everyone.  Some are better then others, however, all juicers can offer something beautiful for you. 

If you don't have a juicer, it's a must if you want to start a juicing program, a juice fast or a juice cleanse.

Some will fit you better then others.  Some you won’t like at all….and some you will fall in love with from the very start.  The differences in popular models can make the juicer decision process a great thing... But it doesn’t need to a difficult pick.

Factors that you need to consider when you buy your best juicer:

  • Budget (what can you afford?)
  • Style and look (upright or longer body, color)
  • Versatility (do you want one that can do frozen sorbets, or just juices)Type (do you want a juicer that spins or crushes to juice)
  • Quality (Heavy duty or average)  

All in all, know that one thing is true- you do get what you pay for when buying a juicer.  You should expect to spend a few hundred dollars if you want a good quality, reliable model that produces nutritious juice.  Think of it as an investment.  It’s your health (and taste buds) after all….  


You can spend ages searching for a juicer, or you can take our advice on what we think are the top picks.  Rest assured, we’ve seen a lot.  And we’ve also have gotten a lot of wanted an unwanted comments on our followers personal juicers, which we have decided to put to good use on this page.   These few might not match everyone’s taste, but from what we’ve seen, these are good and safe options.   

The top of our list for the best juicer

In no particular order (how can we favor one of our babies, it’s just not fair :) However, we have put hearts next to the coolest….which is really hard to do, by the way... 

Omega Juicer
we heart this juicer

The Omega Vert

  Reliable, makes fantastic juice + almond milk and is really good looking…what more could you ask for?  This best juicer is a really fine choice for a beginner or avid juicer.  It’s a special upright design that still slow juices to preserve nutrients.

Learn more about the Omega Vert at Amazon  

Read my review of the Omega Vert  


we heart this juicer

The Green Star Juicer

Green Star Juicer

This brand has been around for ages and produces a mighty fine juice.  You have the options to do many things with this juicer, and you certainly won’t be disappointed.  It is the choice of raw foodists, long time juicers and anyone who really needs and wants a quality juice.  It's a really awesome pick and I could go on forever about it....

Learn more about the Green Star at Amazon  

Read my review of the Green Star 



The Breville 800EXL

The Breville Juicer

A beautiful juicer, this is a great option for almost anyone, made popular by the documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead by Joe Cross.  While I think it’s not as strong as some of the others mentioned, it is a good brand and a good model, not to mention, it’s pretty nice lookin’ for leaving out on the countertop. 

Learn more about the Breville at Amazon

Read my review of the Breville


The Champion Juicer

Champion Juicer

This model is a bit old school, yes, but rest assured it will never die on you.  It is a slow juicer and makes a very nutritious juice.  It can also make fun things like sorbets and nut butters.  This is the juicer you always hear people saying they’ve “had for 20 years.”  In fact, it was my first juicer(and I still have it and use it!), thus it will always be my first love.

Learn more about the Champion Juicer at Amazon

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we heart this juicer

The Omega 8005

Omega Juicer


The Omega brand is trusted, and so is this juicer.  It can do many things like sorbet and nut butters, but most importantly, it makes a great juice.  Some complaints are that you have to cut the produce small for the juicer chute, but its almost always followed by “but it’s SO worth it.”  This is a top rated popular pick.

Learn more about the Omega 8005 Juicer at Amazon

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P.S.- The very "Top" of the line juicers do include the Angel Juicer and the Norwalk Juicer- most commonly utilized for commerical use.  These are unaffordable for most people's household use, so I have decided to leave them off my top list... :) 


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