The best juicer machines. Try these top picks for your style.

I like a lot of juicers, and I firmly believe there is not one “best juicer” for everyone.  Some are better than others, however, all juicers can offer something beautiful for you. 

If you don't have a juicer, it's a must if you want to start a juicing program, a juice fast or a juice cleanse.

Some will fit you better then others.  Some you won’t like at all and some you will fall in love with from the very start.  It doesn’t need to a difficult pick.

Factors that you need to consider when you buy your best juicer:

  • Budget: what can you afford?
  • Style and look: upright or longer body, color
  • Versatility: do you want one that can do frozen sorbets, or just juices.
  • Type:  do you want a juicer that spins or crushes to juice
  • Quality: Heavy duty or average

All in all, know that one thing is true- you do get what you pay for when buying a juicer.  You should expect to spend a few hundred dollars if you want a good quality, reliable model that produces nutritious juice.  Think of it as an investment.  It’s your health, and taste buds, after all.


You can spend ages searching for a juicer, or you can take our advice on what we think are the top picks.  Rest assured, we’ve seen a lot.  And we’ve also have gotten a lot of wanted an unwanted comments on our followers personal juicers, which we have decided to put to good use on this page.   These few might not match everyone’s taste, but from what we’ve seen, these are good and safe options.   

The top of our list for the best juicer

After 20 years of juicing, these are my current favorites. 

Kuvings Revo 830

Kuvings REVO830

This is my current favorite and what I consider the best in my home.  While maybe not as fun as the top load models, I think it makes a superior juice.  It’s a special upright design that still slow juices to preserve nutrients.  When I juice ginger in this, it is so strong I actually need to use less ginger, thats how I know its really slow juicing effectively.  It has a great juice yield with dry pulp. I just adore it.  So if you are going for high yield, high quality juice, this is your pick.  Kuvings is also a trusted brand that has been around for many years which can offer support.  They make quality products that I have found I can trust.  This will also last you many, many years of use. 

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Kuvings AUTO10

Kuvings AUTO10 Juicer

This is Kuvings juicer model that allows you to top load all ingredients with minimal chopping, which is so nice.  For example, you can add a whole apple to the container versus a traditional juicer that you'd have to cut the apple to fit in a juicer chute.  This cuts down on time.  It will blend and chop it, and then juices it.  This is similar to the Nama Juicers, if you have seen those.  I have tried all these types of brands, and this is the brand and model I prefer.  I think the design and materials are superior.  In some other brands, I had the hardest time putting it together, and don't know why.  This one is so easy to put together and clean. 

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Omega Easy Batch Juicer

Omega Easy Batch Juicer

This is another option for the top load juicers.  I happen to have this one and love it as well.  It is large, so you can prep a lot of juice in it.  Its also easy to use, high quality and easy to clean.  It is a little more inexpensive than the AUTO10.  This brand is also a trusted brand in the juicer space, and it will last you many years.  

Budget Compact Option: Ninja Cold Press Juicer

Ninja Cold Press

If you are looking for a cheaper option, this juicer is an excellent choice. Ideal if you are new to juicing and for beginners unsure about their commitment to juicing, or those needing a cost-effective solution for a second home, rental, or camper. Priced slightly above $100, it offers solid performance at this price point.  It's compact deign uses minimal space and enhances portability.   Plus, it's backed by a reupable brand, offering reliable customer support should you need it.  

Budget Compact Option 2: Breville Juicer


 This juicer is another good compact option for someone on a budget. It takes up little room and is a centrifugal style juicer.  It's also pretty cute, too and a great price.  

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