Super smoothies and blender drink recipes you'll love.  Use these if you don't have a juicer.

Smoothies Recipes are a great addition to any diet.

Ever wonder what other drinks you can make with your fruits and vegetables besides juicing them?

smoothie recipes

The options are endless and you can tailor them to your liking and nutritional health needs. You can even incorporate juice, yogurt, and protein or use frozen fruit. Because I juice a lot, I often times have fruit that gets over ripe or starts to go bad. When this happens I chop and freeze the fruit to use in smoothie recipes at a later time. So if you didn’t get to juice your fruit and veggies that start to go bad, just try to catch them right before it’s a total loss, and freeze it for these treats below. Cheers!

Note: The best machine to use for smoothies recipes is The Vitamix high powered blender. I recommend the Vitamix for smoothies because breaks down the fibers- similar to a juicer- and makes a more nutritional juice compared to regular blenders. It also has no problem blending frozen fruit or ice to make a smoother smoothie. If you don’t have a Vitamix, all you’ll need is a regular blender.

Find out more about the Vitamix here, or, order the Vitamix online

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The Vitamix will chop through the cell walls of fruits and vegetables to make the most nutritious drinks.

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