The Jack Lalanne Juicer Review (JLSS Deluxe)

So we’ve all seen him and his line of Jack LaLanne juicers on TV. I have to admit, I love Jack LaLanne and his passion for sharing good health and juicing with others.

His mature life and health really speak to the benefits of juicing!

What's so great about this juicer?

  • Will last you a while: This juicer is a sturdy!
  • You won’t be confused by the assembly: The parts are fairly simple and the assembly is easy.
  • No stains on the juicer! It is made of stainless steel.
  • No disturbing the household with loud noises: It is a quiet juicer. It emits a low hum and vibration.
  • Cleanup is no problem…. Most parts are dishwasher safe. (Who doesn’t love that?)
  • You can juice greens and grasses if you want to. Grasses (and other produce with low water content) can be juiced with ease. While most centrifugal models can’t juice greens, this one does.
  • Easy storage: It will easily fit in your cabinets and can be brought out for a quick juice any time during the day!
  • Attractive design for your countertop: It also is a modern, petite design, able to fit on most countertops comfortably, without being an eye sore.

Jack LaLannes mission

His passion was to make an affordable, durable and easy way for everyone to juice.

He’s done this so effectively!

The price of this juicer is fantastic making all of his designs a good value for a centrifugal model juicer.

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