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7 Day Summer Juice Challenge Slimdown & Detox Edition

summer slimdown

The 7 day summer juice challenge will help you slimdown and cleanse to get ready for summer

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Health and Wellness

red light 2

Health and Wellness Resources

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Pineapple juice for colds and coughs

pineapple herb juice 2

Pineapple juice recipe for colds and coughs

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Good Digest Juice

good digest juice

Good Digest Juice | Juicing Fennel

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Lemon Lime & Apple Juice Shots Recipe

lemon lime and apple juice shots 1

Lemon Lime & Apple Juice Shots for Total Wellness

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Ion Cleanse Foot Bath

footbath ioncleanse

Ion Cleanse Foot Bath by AMD Review

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Infared Sauna

sauna collage

Benefits of the infared sauna & red light therapy for overall health

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Red Light Therapy at Home


Red light therapy at home is a safe way to support better health

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Ginger Juice Shots


Ginger juice shots are the perfect way to juice ginger ahead of time with little hassle and all the benefits

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Lemon Juice Shots

lemon juice shots1

Make these lemon juice shots to stimulate your liver and bowels first thing in the morning

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Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Recipe

pumpkin pie smoothie

The Best Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Recipe

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Turmeric Lemon Juice Shot


Turmeric Lemon Juice Shot

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