Drink wheatgrass shots for good health + energy

Wheatgrass Shots

Wheatgrass is quickly becoming a phenomenon. It’s in juice bars across the country (or world, I should say) and becoming popular among health enthusiasts, cancer patients and anyone who wants to supplement with something powerful.

This entire craze is for good reason, after all.

It is an amazing cereal grass that is a nutritionally complete food. It will repair your blood and give your body what it needs to function properly, and while doing so, will detoxify your body.

It has numerous nutrients, including some very important enzymes, vitamins, and chlorophyll.

It’s benefits have been studied the world over and have been proven to reduce body odor, heal ailments, repair DNA, build up red blood cell count, and the like.

What is wheatgrass?

It is edible and nutrient rich grass grown from wheat berry seeds. It looks and tastes like regular grass, and is juiced or blended to be taken as a supplement. Because it holds many special healing properties, many people use it in baths, as enemas, as a poultice and even give it to their pets!

Studies have shown that it’s miraculous nutrient profile builds red blood cell count, detoxifies, extends energy, deodorizes and repairs DNA, to name a few.

Because it is green in color, the juice from it is also a bright green. It holds a high concentration of chlorophyll. The juice is taken in small shot glasses because only a little is needed at a time (because of it’s strength).

Cereal grasses can be found on the market in many forms including pills, powder and frozen cubes. Fresh juice is the best. The next would be a flash frozen juice, mainly sold in cubes which I go into detail about below. The beauty of the frozen cubes is that you can pop them into a smoothie or let them melt in water without the hassle of juicing or growing your own. However, grasses that are freshly juiced hold the most amount of nutrients as vitamins start to diminish as soon as it’s cut from it’s roots (this is the case for all produce). If you want the best quality juice with the most nutrients, you must juice it yourself.

The good news is that growing and juicing your own is not as intimidating as it seems. It’s actually fairly easy. I’ll show you the steps below and where to get started. There are actually kit’s out there that make it easy for the beginner.

If you don’t want to grow your own, but do want to juice your own, it’s easy to find fresh grass. You might be surprised to know that many health food stores and supermarkets sell fresh trays daily. Another good place to look would be your local farmers market.

If you have a health ailment or just want healthy supplementation, you can’t go wrong with wheatgrass. The information on this site is not inclusive, but meant to serve as a compilation of the studied benefits, and a guide to the best grass juicers, how to grow, supplement and uses, even for your pets!

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