How to juice fresh fruits & vegetables (it's easy!)

Juicing is easy! It might seem like its intimidating at first, but once you learn how you'll see its very satisfying!  It's basically using a juicing machine to extract the juice from your fruits and vegetables.  

how to juice


Here are some easy how to juice steps.

1. First of all, you need to have a juicer. Juicing citrus fruits by hand is do-able for small amounts, but to get the most juice and to be able to juice all types of fruits and veggies, you need a machine. Review and compare the juicers pages for info on the different types. I have a Champion and love it. My mom has an Omega and loves it. But if you think you are serious about juicing, I'd recommend investing in a good one.

2. Buy enough fruits and vegetables for your juice. First decide what recipe you want to make. Organic is preferable, as you want to be sure your juice is as pure as possible. You do need a good amount of veggies for juice, so make sure you know your recipe.

3. Prepare your fruits and veggies for juicing. Depending on the item, you might have to prepare the produce. For example, an apple needs to be cored for most juicers, and citrus would have to be peeled. It just depends on your juicer. Most importantly, any produce that is not peeled must be washed!!

When you're ready, it's always a good idea to get some advice from a juicing pro :)

4. Turn on your juicer (making sure that there is a bowl or cup to catch the juice in attached or under the spout!) and start feeding your produce through the feeding tube. I find it helpful when making combo juices to alter the produce(for example in celery-apple juice, I alternate feeding some celery then some apple).

5. After you've fed all of your produce in and you have juice, its a good idea to feed the pulp back in (especially if you have a masticating juicer like the Champion) to make sure all the moisture is out.

6. Pour your juice into a glass and drink! Some people like to dilute it with water, but I tend to like it full strength. Enjoy!

Tip: Now you can use your pulp in some other recipes so nothing goes to waste!

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