Juicing basics for beginners.  Newbie? No problem.

Juicing basics will help you if you are a beginner or seasoned at juicing. Knowing how-to, why, and tips are always helpful. A lot of people get apprehensive about starting to juice.  No need.  It's really quite fun, enjoyable and super yummy :)

Juicing basics

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Why juice?  So we’ve all heard it’s a great thing to do…but why? Here are some good points to the reasoning behind why everyone should incorporate at least a glass a day into their diet.

What is juicing?  If you're not sure exactly what it is, this will help.

Is juicing healthy?  Oh, yes + some common FAQ's are answered.

How to start juicing  Almost ready to go, but need a little more advice?  Check out this page to get the basic steps.

How to juice  Do you need a how-to primer? Follow this guide for beginners, which includes a video to start your juicy journey.

Helpful tips & tricks  Years of juicing and experimenting have given me more than a few tips to share with you. Learn from my mistakes by taking these to heart!

Organic produce  Go organic or not? It’s a hot topic nowadays. Here’s and explanation of what it all means and my reasoning behind the arguments.

Top 5 dangers of juicing  Is juicing bad?  We cover the controverisal topics surrounding it here.

Review juicers  There are three types of juicers. The centrifugal (most common), the single gear and the twin gear.

Take a look at all three to help you decide which juicer is best for you. If you are a beginner juicer, try getting a centrifugal or single gear. There are links to reviews of individual juicers in each category.

To start, I do like to recommend

The Champion, The Hurom, and The Omega for everyone. They are versatile and will give you a good quality juice for years to come.

All juicer recipes  From fruit juice to soup and nut butters, here's all the info you need to start making some of your own great creations.

Juicing books  Sometimes it's a really good thing (especially when you are new) to have at least one juicing book around the house. It's good to read experts opinions and years of research as well as use thier recipes.

Juicing guides  This section will take you into more specifics like juicing on a budget, how to carry juice on-the-go, and nutritional information on specific produce.

Juicing Q & A  Here's a really useful section when you're a newbie, our Q & A. Take a look at common questions from visitors just like you, or feel free to ask your own.

Juicing without a juicer  Explore the topic of making juice without a juicing machine.  While this is not true juicing, there is potential to make thick fibrous juices if you have a blender or food processor. 

The best juicers!  Stop searching...Here's our top picks.  Take it from us, we've gotten a lot of feedback over the years.

Juicing vs blending  One of the most common questions, these two concepts are quite different.   Here's and explanation - this will help you decide if one or both is right for you to make your healthy juices.

What's your question or comment about being a new juicer?

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Questions and comments from others.

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