The Champion juicer.  Time tested and durable.  My first love.

The Champion Juicer is in a class of its own, in my opinion. I have had great experience and success with this juicer and have had it for 10+ years.

Why do you think it's in a class of it's own?

I knew you’d ask! First of all, The Champion Juicer is a heavy duty machine. It really is super durable. The sheer weight and materials of it make it so. It is a single gear masticating juicer, meaning that it’s designed to chop and then squeeze the fibrous pulp out of the juice.

Why does this benefit me?

Juicing is not an easy task. It's a hard job for these little machines to squeeze the juice out. You need something strong. Compared to other single gear juicers that have an internal mechanism to squeeze the juice out…the Champion Juicer chops & squeezes produce at the same time. The pulp ejects after being cut with this “cutter” pictured below, and then is squeezed through mesh screen.

I like that. It’s different.

That means it's really extracting good nutrition out of the fruit and veggies. Unlike centrifugals, it has no spinning screen to break (which is the most common way centrifugal juicers break). The single gear cutter is made of nylon, not molded plastic. The motor runs slow, allowing it to operate at a cooler temp ensuring all the vitamins and enzymes are retained.

What is it designed to do?

The Champion juicer designed for continuous juicing of fruits and veggies. It also can homogenize (crushing it to one consistency like a blender). This allows you to make MANY other things. It turns easily into a homogenizer to make baby foods, fruit sauces, nut butters, ice creams and sorbets by replacing the mesh screen with a blank plate with no screen, to grind and push the food through the ejector in one continuous operation.

Can the Champion juice leafy greens and wheatgrass?

It doesn’t juice leafy greens or wheatgrass super well. It can juice greens, just not as effective as some other machines. You also cannot stick a whole apple or pear in the chute. You need to prep the produce to fit into the juicing tube (this is true for many juicers). 

Champion Juicer in White

Any disadvantages?

Because it is a heavy duty machine, it tends not to be as quiet as some other juicers. While it’s not vacuum loud, it’s not as quiet as a blender hum. No biggie. You have the benefit of knowing it's doing a good job grinding and crushing the produce so if it needs to have a little noise, most people are okay with that. It's also a little heavy.

What else is good about it?

The price. For what it does and the quality, it hands down has a great price tag. Believe it or not, I don't think the price has gone up but $10 since I bought mine years ago.

Do you use the Champion juicer for more than just juicing?

Indeed I do! I freeze bananas when they are getting ripe, and when I’m ready for some ice cream, I process it through the Champion with the blank plate. It tastes heavenly! You can then add nuts, berries or toppings to the ice cream for a healthy treat. I have seen this done in a few health cafés offering these treats to their customers which is when I started doing it myself. I also make nut butter and sorbet. It allows me to eat healthier with only one machine.

Find out how to make banana whips with the Champion

Who is an idea fit for the Champion juicer?

If you want to get down to the nitty gritty…

  • This is for someone who wants a durable, long lasting , never-have- to-repair-or-worry-about-breaking type of machine.
  • It’s for someone who doesn’t just want an average juicer, but a juicer that will really produce a good juice based on the internal design.
  • It’s for someone who might want to make some fruit leathers, nut butters, baby food or fruit sorbet with the juicer. It’s a nice option to know you have, even if this is not one of your main reasons.
  • And last but not least…it’s for someone who wants to make a good investment in their health, but doesn’t have (or want) to spend a fortune for it.


Anything else I need to know?

Yes, It comes in silver, almond, white and black. I recommend the black as I have a white and over time the carrot juice has stained some parts. But, of course, that’s only if black matches with your kitchen décor! Oh, yes, and It is easy to get replacement parts if needed ( ps-I have not needed any).

Fun tidbits: This juicer is manufactured by a company from Lodi, California, that only makes these juicers as their specialty.

Testimonials from other visitors

“I wanted to let you know so you could tell others- The Champion has been a great investment for me. I bought it 7 years ago and have not had any problems, except for a tiny piece of plastic breaking off of the top during a move (my fault). I love to make other things like sorbets. My juicing screen looks like it’s worn down so I might have to replace that part, but the motor is what counts. I don’t think it will ever stop working. I am happy I bought this as my first juicer. By the way things are looking, it might be my last juicer!”  Mel, Australia 

“I, too, can attest to the longevity this juicer provides. It’s not the fastest juicer, but it’s strong and powerful- that’s why I bought it.”  Kimmi, San Diego 

“I read your page on the banana whips, and I have been to that café on the boardwalk that you mentioned. I loved the dessert, but forgot what juicer they used to make it. Glad I found out that it’s the Champion. I can’t wait to get mine and start making my own banana whips!”  Jennifer, Millville

I have had mine for over 10 years. I have had people tell me the motor has lasted them 20+ years!

The fact is that it's a favorite among veteran juicers. For me, it's been problem free and super dependable.

I can honestly say there's nothing to lose by choosing this juicer.

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