Need to know juicing tips.  Take my advice from years of juicing.

Yes!! There is advice for everything in life. Juicing tips can be valuable! These are the things I've learned over the years for the best juice...

Drink your juice as soon as possible after juiced. It starts to lose its nutritional value as time passes. Also, it can develop a funny color as it oxidizes(especially apple). It doesnt mean its bad, but the kiddos and spouse might look at it funny. It's very best to drink it within 24 hours, but up to 2 days can be just fine, too (but really not preferable). Just remember that there are no preservatives in fresh juice. It can go rancid quickly.

Prepare your produce for juicing ahead of time. Whew! Did I learn this the hard way! It is so much easier to have your produce cut up the night before if you want to juice for breakfast or lunch. You wash and cut up everything...put it in a ziplock bag or storage container, pop it in the fridge, and voila! It's ready to be juiced for breakfast or any time-crunched portion of the day. No excuses not to juice when its all ready to go!

P.S.- You should know that as soon as you start cutting vegetables they do start to lose nutrients. It's always best to cut just before juicing, but if you really need to save on time, you may want to prepare ahead.

Juicing Tip: Cut produce before juicing

Cut produce before juicing, to ensure that it fits into your juicer.  If you don't, you'll have to stop half way though juicing, and that's just annoying.

Juicing Tip: Clean your juice as soon as your done juicing

Make a good habit of cleaning your juicer as soon as your done with it.  If you don't the pulp and juice will get all sticky and make it difficult to clean the machine.  Just wash it up shortly after you juice.

Juicing Tip: Compost juice pulp

Juice pulp can easily be composted to make a healthy soil.  Many people like to make piles in thier backyard and keep a compost bin on their countertop.

Juicing Tip: Use juice pulp in stews

Using the pulp is a great way to save money and get extra nutrition. If someone would have told me this when I started juicing I probably would have thought they were nuts. But its true!  Stews work the BEST for a newbie juice pulp user, but you can also use it in quiches, smoothies, oatmeal or pancakes..

Using the pulp is very neat and easy. You also feel sort of good about no waste!  And if you don't want to use it in recipes, just compost it for rich healthy soil to put in your garden.

glass bottle for storing juice

Another good juicing tip is to use a glass container when storing fresh juice Another thing I learned the hard way. There was one week where I was on a carrot juice kick. I took a good size plastic container of it to work, and left it on my desk....overnight, by mistake. It exploded all over my mouse pad. If I had it in a glass container, this would not have happened. But the most important reason: its just not good to store juice in plastic. Plastic leaches chemicals, and the natural compounds of the juice just don't do well in sealed plastic based bottles. Just reuse a glass jar you were going to throw do have some of those lying around, right? :) If not, keep them from leftover food packaged in glass. Also, keep it in the fridge if not drinking right away. Some find it smart to wrap it in aluminum foil if they dont have dark glass bottles so that it oxidizes slower.

Using some fruits and veggies are just not super easy for fresh juice. Sure, you can use them all but some don't work as well. Mushy fruit, like bananas, don't really juice (but they make great "ice cream" when you use the homogenizer or blank plate on your juicer). Berries are also mushy, but you can get juice out of them- it is just provides a lower juice yield then an apple or orange would.

Juicing Tip: Don't juice carrot tops

The carrot greens are a no-no.  Don't juice them, they contain substances that can act as toxins in the body.  You can plant them outside and they make a nice filler when adding greenery to your landscaping.

Mixing too many types of produce together makes a funky tasting juice sometimes.  Okay, so, we all know the advertisements for those store-bought juices that include so many types of produce. Truth is, when you fresh juice, it doesn’t taste as good. We aren’t adding any flavors. As a general rule, keep it 3 and under for variety(plus it's easier).

Juicing Tip: Don't overstuff the juicer

Don't overstuff your juicer, and learn to have patience.  Sometimes it takes time but if you don't go slow you could easily break your juicer.

Juicing Tip: Only juice a tiny knob of ginger

Ginger is an awesome addition to almost any juice.  However, it is strong.  Don't go juicing a lot of the root at first!  Juice just a tiny bit, less then an inch at first if very fresh.  See how you like it and how your body reacts to gauge how much to use the following time you juice.

Juicing Tip: Avoid juicing pits

Avoid juicing the pits.  Sometimes if you're in a hurry you might forget...bad, bad, bad for your juicer.  Just keep in mind that these do need to be removed before juicing any stone fruits.

Juicing Tip: Run juicer before you start

When you start juicing, it's not a bad idea to get it fired up a few seconds before you start to put the produce in the chute.  Not necessary, but very polite :)

Juicing Tip: Run juicer after finished

 Run your juicer for a few seconds after you finish to get out every last drop.  Not necessary, but probably a good idea.

Juicing Tip: Juice leaves and stems

In most cases, you can juice leaves and stems while juicing.  For example, there are lots of nutrients in the leaves of strawberries, so no need to remove them before juicing.  Beet tops are also very nutritious.  

Put some ice cubes in the blender with your juice. This cools your fruit drink quickly in summer.

Line your juicer's pulp basket so it's easier to clean.  Saves you a few seconds during clean up time.

Our last juicing tip? Put a little bit of banana in your juice mix and blend it like a milk-shake. This gives your fruit drink a certain softness and reduces the bitterness(like grapefruit).

I hope these juicing tips help you!  If they do, please share them on pinterest or Facebook for your friends :)

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