Omega Vert juicer review.  The perfect juicer?

Well, there's no perfect juicer. Because it's so difficult to extract juice in the first place, there are going to be pluses and minuses for every juicing machine.

 That being said, the Omega Vert juicer is the best, yes, for many people. If know juicers or if you take time to read reviews and talk to people that have the Omega Vert, many people feel that after owning several juicers and finally getting this one, that they have come across the best.

I agree, and like this juicer VERY MUCH :) that’s why I recommend it in my top 4 fav...

This juicer is a masticating juicer, with a single phase induction motor. It juices a high quality juice (good tasting and nutrient rich), is not long and bulky, is upright, and capable of continuous juicing with dry pulp for a lot of produce.

 It’s also super quiet (compared to most juicers) and has a “reverse mode” in case anything gets stuck. It’s also really easy to clean, and you can just run water through it which making different juices at the same time. It truly is a good choice for a beginner or seasoned juicer.

Here's a review from a fellow juicer

"I can't tell you how happy I am with this juicer. It's very well made, you can feel the quality. It's quiet, it's smaller, it's pieces are smaller and therefore easier to clean. It does the leafy greens and wheatgrass, plus it handles the fruits just fine as well. I made banana sorbet in it today and OMG is that tasty. It's a little messy due to it doesn't come with a blank plate for making it, but the machine handles the frozen bananas as if they weren't frozen and without any prior defrosting either. And by messy, I mean the inside gets full of sorbet and you have to empty it. It comes out the chute as well, but it collects inside too.

I am just so happy to have this juicer and wished I had purchased it first, but live and learn." -DJ 

 Read the rest of her review on the Omega Vert juicer and see her pics

A sum of the Omega Vert's benefits

  • Leave on your countertop if you are a heavy juicer, it’s attractive.
  • Don’t worry about juicing if someone’s sleeping or watching tv. It’s very quiet and will not disturb anyone the way other juicers can.
  • Clean quicker with it’s self cleaning function.
  • Get the most amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The juice you’ll be drinking from it is superior because of the design. It operates at a slow 80 RPM, so it does not heat up and destroy nutrients, most imporantly- the enzymes (enzymes are sensitive to heat).
  • You’ll use less produce with the Omega Vert juicer, because it utilizes the fruits and veggies better then other juicers, and less pulp is left behind.
  • Have peace of mind in knowing that if anything breaks it, they will replace. It has a 10 year warranty.
  • You will get a really good tasting juice. Because this juicer juices so effectively, it makes a difference in the quality of the taste. So if you have a sensitive palate, you’ll notice.
  • Easily get green juice in your diet, as the Omega Vert juicer juices greens well.(some other single gear juicers do not).
  • People know this brand and type of juicer. It’s one of the top juicers that the Omega brand sells, so you’re getting a popular juicer and works well for a gift if you want to give a good name.

The one thing about the Omega Vert juicer you should know is that doesn’t juice celery very well (most juicers don’t, because it’ stringy) and it can’t do nut butters (but, really, don’t let that stop you…it’s easy to make nut butters in a blender or food processor). If you want a juicer that can homogenize to make nut butters, baby foods, etc, then I recommend the Omega 8005 juicer.

There are two models of the Omega Vert juicer...the original Vert 330 is in white and more recently they have a very attractive silver/black model, the Vert HD VRT 350. Both models are pretty much the same aside from looks and the 350’s juicing screen is made out of a stronger strainer/screen material (ultem).

This juicer is very popular for a reason

You have nothing to lose with their 10 year warranty and guarantee… and there’s nothing like knowing you have a juicer that makes good quality juice.

When people ask me which juicer to get, I always include this in my recommendations. I can say with all honesty and confidence that you won't be disappointed.

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