Aloe Juice: make your own + learn the health benefits

Aloe Juice

Aloe juice is one of the best natural medicinals out there.  We’ve known about some of the benefits of aloe vera for thousands of years now. 

The ancient Egyptians, for instance, knew that aloe gel is terrific for healing burns and other skin wounds.  They also used it to soothe away pain.  Now, though, health-conscious people throughout the world are looking into aloe’s other abilities.  A lot of them ask me about the benefits of aloe vera juice.  That’s why I put together the information below.  Once you read it, I think you’ll agree that this juice offers something for almost everyone.

This juice has impressive health benefits

Aloe vera juice has a number of valuable qualities.  Among other things, it can wipe out the discomfort that’s caused by heartburn and acid reflux.  It works almost immediately – take a sip or two of this amazing stuff and you’ll start feeling better in just a few short minutes.

But, as good as that is, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.  This juice is a potent natural medicinal, and it can help to prevent or improve a wide array of different heath conditions.  Aloe vera might just be the most amazing medicinal plant on the planet.

Benefits include digestive and bowel soothing, healing properties, contributes to healthy skin, reduced inflammation, and healthy cholesterol.

Fresh, gel or powdered?

Sourcing fresh, raw aloe vera will give you all the healing and restorative benefits that this remarkable plant has to offer.  It also takes some time and effort, although that’s pretty minimal.  Juice made from commercially available powdered aloe vera gel is quicker, easier and more convenient, although it’s not quite as potent as juice prepared from aloe vera leaves.  Fresh juice is better, but juice made from the powdered gel still has plenty of benefits.  

I personally do like many store bought versions of this juice and always have a jug on hand in my fridge.  It's the only juice I buy at the store.  Keep in mind, though, juice bought in a store has to be pasteurized (heated) so it does lose some vital nutrients and enzymes in the process.  

How to make your own aloe juice

The best and easiest way to make your own aloe juice without a juicer.  It's better blended than juiced.  Most juicers cannot handle the aloe leaves.  It's gooey and has a thick consitency (I personally don't think it's worth it). But, it can be done the same way you juice other vegetables.  Fillet the leaf and only juice the inside membrane.  There are some toxins in the green coloring that is generally not recommended for consumption.  

Here's the steps to make it without a juicer

  1. Buy a fresh plant or a fresh leave.  A firm, thick leaf is the best.
  2. Cut the leave in half.
  3. Cut the aloe out along the leave or use a spoon to scrape it out.
  4. Put the aloe in a blender with some water.  (lemon juice or another juice is nice, too).
  5. Blend on low for just a second for it to combine.

These easy steps will get you the benefits of the inner leaf.  Aloe has a nice neutral taste that can be mixed with other juices nicely. 

There are several well noted and studied benefits on aloe juice.  Take a look at the health benefits of aloe vera here.

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