14 Day Juicing Challenge: Beauty Edition.  Are you in?

Hey Juice Lover!  Polish your juicer.  That's right.  You are going to get strong, healthy and sexy through a straw through our 14 day juice challenge: BEAUTY EDITION!

14 Day Juicing Challenge- Beauty Edition

This is a beauty-centered juicing challenge to drink at least 1 juice a day for 14 days straight.  It's not a juice fast.

The 14-day juicing challenge is about making juicing a part of your everyday lifestyle + learning about juices that promote overall beauty.  

I’m here to take you on a 14-day journey to nourish your body.  One juice a day for 2 weeks...so simple but so life changing.

You can start any time- As soon as you sign up I'll send you the deets.

Note: This juice challenge is not live (done with our entire community), but you'll be able to do it on your own with my daily emails, help and recipes.  Since it was so popular, I decided to make this available for everyone at any time.

Why do a juice challenge?

Yes, it's fun.  But more importantly, juicing is great for your body.  And it’s a really easy way to get good nutrition AND get hot.  Juicing is a great way to assist you in getting strong, healthy and beautiful from the inside out. 

But you need to juice often in order for it to make a difference in your life. 

Juicing is part of a lifestyle.  It’s not a quick fix and not just for cleanses.  It’s a great everyday way to get complete nourishment for a healthy body which will in turn, make you beautiful.

It usually takes some discipline and support to make good changes in our lives.  It’s also great to have a community to do it with.  We’ve got that.  Check, check.

This is a fun way to incorporate juice into your diet and join others that are juicing too.  

If you commit to juicing at least once a day for 14 days with me, here are some of the positive results you might expect:

  •  Better sleep. Wake up without the alarm clock, and never need a nap.
  • Glowing, clear skin.
  • Morning-till night energy
  • A clearer, sharper mind.
  •  A happy digestive system. Get regular!
  •  Lean, bikini-ready body (the waxing is up to you).
  • Less inflammation.
  • Less bloat, less pain.
  •  Body detox (give your bod a clean slate).
  • Ageless looks.
  • Boosted immunity. (Flu? What flu?)

The goal?  To look and feel better effortlessly with the help of juice.  And if you already feel great, that’s cool too.  Let’s face it, challenges are just fun (well, mine are, anyway :).  It's open to everyone and it's FREE.

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"I love these juice challenges! I lost 3 pounds" -ATHENA, PHOENIX, ARIZONA

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How this juice challenge works (easy, fun & life changing)

  • We are going to drink one 8-20 ounce glass of freshly pressed juice at least once a day.  

I will give you the beauty-centered shopping lists and recipes for your juices.  You can use mine or your own, if you'd like.   

So that’s it.  Drink one juice a day for 14 days.  Sounds yummy, right? Yay!  If you want to kick it up a notch, drink 2 juices a day.  Now that would be superb (wink, wink).


  • Drink your juice whenever you’d like.

This challenge is flexible so that anyone can do this.  Some people juice and find themselves full so they don’t want a meal- totally okay and cool.  Juicing can be your breakfast, lunch, dinner or super yummy snack.  If you don’t like one of the recipes, no problem, make another that you prefer or one of your own.  From a beauty perspective, it’ s best to drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.


  • Each week you’ll be challenged to do beauty extras. 

These are fun things you can do to expand your juicy life.  Challenge yourself to try these new techniques and go outside of your comfort zone.  You never know what you’ll like until you try it.  And if you don’t like a recipe or a suggestion, that’s okay.  Just don’t make it again or try to tweak it to your liking.  


  • To enhance your challenge, make a homemade beauty recipe

Try making the beauty recipes we suggest for masks and skin treatments.  They are included in the guide, and we'll be posting a few on Facebook and Instagram. You might really love this natural way to enhance your beauty.

Juice challenge FAQ's

Q: Should I make a new recipe every day?

Most people like to make new recipes everyday for variety. I recommend it because we should rotate what we eat on a daily basis to ensure we get a well-balanced amount of nutrients. If you make the same recipe two or three days in a row, however, I don’t think that’s the worst thing in the world. Try to go outside the box and experiment with new flavors.

Q: Do I need a juicer to do this challenge? If so, which one?

This is a juicing challenge, so yes, you should have a juicer to fully participate. However, if you would like to make blender juices you can do that too. Blender juices can be just as good as juiced juices -- they are just different. The challenge would work the same if you are making blender juices, drink one a day.

To smoothie-fy any of my juice recipes, add water or coconut water to help the ingredients blend. You might also have to modify the amount of produce that would go in your blender juice. Traditionally a juicer needs more produce to make a glass of juice versus one that is made in a blender.

Juicers I like include the Omega Vert, The Omega single gear, The Green Star, The Hurom, The Champion and many of the Breville juicers. For a blender, I think the Vitamix is the best on the market.

Q: Can I eat food during the challenge?

Absolutely, this is not a cleanse. It’s a challenge to help you incorporate juicing into your diet once a day.

Q: What should I eat during the juicing challenge?

Many people stick to their regular diet. This is not a challenge to change your diet. However, you will notice more positive changes in your health if you take this time to eat better and take care of your body. If you want your body to cleanse and you’d like to use this to kick start a new chapter in your healthy-eating life, try embracing a vegetarian or vegan diet (more fruits and veggies!) and avoid all processed foods. Meats and processed foods slow down our body’s cleansing processes. A light, clean fruit and veggie diet is the most beneficial if you’re trying to turn your health around. This would include soups, salads, smoothies and raw foods recipes. More importantly, focus on clean eating. Avoid foods with ingredients that you cannot pronounce and are free of processed sugar.

If you don’t want to change your eating, don’t fret, it’s no problem. Juicing once a day will still do very positive things for your overall health. This challenge is a good step towards a healthier lifestyle + enhancing your beauty.

Q: I don’t have the fruit or vegetable your recipe calls for, what do I do?

This often happens. Try substituting with something you do have that is similar. For example, if you don’t have kale, romaine lettuce can work well. If you are out of apples, try substituting a pear. Generally speaking, you’ll like the juices from produce that you like to eat. Always keep apples and carrots on hand as they are the most versatile produce for juicing and can be used to substitute many ingredients in juice recipes.

Q: How many calories are in your juices?

I don’t typically count calories so I don’t list out what it is for each recipe. When you start to incorporate clean, whole foods into your diet you’ll notice that calorie counting becomes less important.

You can get an average of the calorie counts for your fresh juice by going to a reputable nutrition or calorie counting site like nutriondata.com.

There, you’ll want to find the calorie count (or other nutrition data, if that’s what you are looking for, too) for each fruit or vegetable.

Q: Can I juice fruit-only juices every day?

You could, however, it’s best to make the majority of your juices vegetable based. While fruit juice contains natural sugar, which is different than processed sugar, it still is sugar. And sugar feeds the bad stuff in our body. That being said, fruit juices are very cleansing and very delicious. They also play a great role in our diet. In general, it’s best to eat your fruit and juice your vegetables. I do include fruit juices in these recipes simply because its easiest for those who are new to juicing and it’s usually the most loved juices when sharing with others.

Q: Why is the juice challenge for this long?

This is the perfect amount of time to help you create a new healthy beauty habit, and to learn how to make different juices and techniques for beauty centered juicing. It’s also an optimal timeframe for your body to detox and absorb the good nutrition juicing brings on so you’ll start to see some positive changes.

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"I love these juice challenges! I lost 3 pounds" -ATHENA, PHOENIX, ARIZONA

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