Best Juice for Someone with Skin Disorder

by Nev

Q: I have had skin disorders since I was a kid. I basically have non-itchy white spots on several parts on my body. These spots have disappeared and reappeared upon several years and is very distressing to me. I am now 19, and after researching online, I came upon the "juice feasting". I would like to know what kind of juice would be most appropriate for someone like me with skin disorder. My skin needs as much sunlight as possible.

Basically, the cause of this disease is that my own immune system fights against my pigment producing cells. As a matter of fact, I don't want to rush into any juice feasting. It would be best to get an advice from you beforehand as I am also a bit underweight and I do not want to easily lose weight.

I cannot consult my dermatologist as I do not have one in the UK. I come from the Indian Ocean and I am currently a student at University. I really hope you can help me. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you. xx

A: Hi Nev! I'm so sorry to hear about your skin disorder!

I have to say, this does seem like a condition that would be best discussed with a dermatologist or physician. If I were you, I'd try to find someone who could meet with you and give you advice first hand. Perhaps a natural doctor would be most beneficial for your issue.

If your immune system is fighting against your cells, you might want to eat foods and juice that would strengthen your whole body so that it will have the tools to fix the root of the problem.

Many people do juice fast to correct thier health problems. Many people also like to do smoothie fasts, particularly green smoothie fasts.

If I were to recommend some recipes for you, I would say green smoothies of any kind would be good, daily shots of wheatgrass juice, and also a carrot/apple juice mix would be beneficial.

You might even want to explore vegan and a raw food diet lifestyle, as that has helped many people overcome a variety of difficult health issues, especially if you are worried about losing weight.

Best of luck to you. You're on the right track with researching juicing!

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