Best Way to Juice Kale

by Rachel

Q: What is the best way to juice kale? I feel like the motor on my juicer is going to burn up every time I try to juice it.

A: Hi Rachel, There are a few tips on the best way to juice kale.

First is to roll the leaves up in a cylinder so that it will fit in the juicers chute easily.

Second, be sure to alternate the greens with the other fruits and vegetables you are juicing. This helps to push the greens through the machine and makes it easier for the juicer to juice.

For example, when I juice greens, I usually juice apples or carrots with it. It helps to alternate harder, denser types of produce like this. While the tamper assists to push the greens though, other produce does wonders for making the process easier.

Third, make sure you aren't shoving the greens in your juicers chute. Take your time and go slow while juicing delicate greens like this.

Keep in mind that not all juicers juice greens well, so if you really like to juice greens, you might want to consider getting another juicer. Overall, greens are just a difficult vegetable to juice (low moisture, not dense) so you'll have to be patient with them. They are, however, one of the best items to juice for your health.

Here's a page on some more tips for juicing greens.

Happy Juicing!

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