Blender Drinks and Water

by Skye

Q: Hi, I have always used my juicer to make my natural drinks. Mainly a mix of carrot, apple and celery. I have just purchased a Blendtec blender, and tried the same mix of the 3 but I also had to add water and ice cubes. This seemed to make the drink almost tasteless and it tasted very watered down.

I only added 1/4 cup of water and the same of ice, even with that added the mix was also quite thick. I particularily brought the blender for easy wash up, but this has disappointed me, do you have any ideas of how to make the drink nice to drink (carrot, celery and apple) made in the blender.

Thanks, Skye

A: Hi Skye! So sorry that your drink isn't turning out right. Well, I do agree that water in blender juices or smoothies can really mess up the taste.

I do have some tips that might help:

Try adding orange juice intead of water. It will sweeten it up a bit, but it will only enhance the taste.

What about adding an orange? If you don't mind the extra fruit, a juicy orange might provide enough water to make it blend. If you want a vegetable only drink, a tomato has a lot of juice.

Try adding coconut water instead of water (my personal fav). Coconut juice is sort of a neutral water taste, in my opinion.

  • Forget the ice cubes. The ice cubes will make it very watered down and thick. Unless you are making a fruit smoothie, my advice would be to leave them out.

    Leaving out the ice cubes but using water might do the trick.

    When I make blender juices with my Vitamix, I always use the tamper and it eventually will blend it all together. It usually needs very little water. Try experimenting with as little water as possible or other juicy fruits to get the right taste.

    While blenders can work for juices, a juicer is your best best if you just want to juice the juice from fruits and veggies with low water content.

    Hope these suggestions get you on your way to a tasty drink :)

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    by: SKYE

    Thanks for the reply. I have just made a bit of a search and others have used Nut Milk Bags, so I have ordered one of them to try it, though it will mean more washing up and squeezing the juice out by hand, which kinder defeats the purpose. I will try the orange or coconut milk and see how that goes also.

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