Calories in Fresh Juice

by John Rozmiarek
(Tucson, Arizona)

Q: Hi there, I'm new to juicing. I've been doing it for about half a month so far and I love it. I've been juicing for breakfast, lunch and having a balanced low calorie dinner- and it's been working great. With walking and juicing I can already see a difference in my weight and energy level. I see me doing this for a long time.

My question is: How do I calorie count with juice, and how much should I be having? I look forward to your answer.

A: Hi John! So glad you have found the juicing lifestyle…you’ll never be the same!

The answer to your calorie question is really quite simple. If you go to a nutrition site and get the calories for exactly what you’re juicing and add it up the same way as you do your food, it should be pretty close. The only problem with that is your medium apple is different from my medium apple, make sense? But you’ll get a good sense of the total doing it that way.

You are taking the fiber out when you juice, however, the pulp has little calories compared to the juice. Most of the nutrients and nutritional value is in the juicy part.

I’ve added more detail on it from a previous question here>>>>> Calories in Juice Drinks

I’ve never been a strict calorie counter myself, as I’ve found it to not be healthy for me. I’m a firm believer if you are eating really good and natural things, you don’t have to focus on that as much. So no worries…

As far as how much you should drink, well, that really depends on the person. I think 1-2 glasses of juice a day are fantastic. But the answer to that question is sort of like, “how much do I eat”…well, it sort of depends. Everyone has a different model for how many calories they should have in a day, so I don’t even think I should touch that subject  But if you are concerned, I would see a nutritionist just to be sure so they can work up an optimal profile for you.

If you are having juice for breakfast and lunch, don’t be afraid to have more than two glasses, I would say two l-a-r-g-e glasses or four small ones until dinner would be necessary.

I hope that helped you a little bit, and thanks for visiting!! Happy juicing!

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Great thoughts
by: John

So I've been juicing for about a month now. For the most part I've been juicing for either breakfast, lunch or both. I'm over weight, when I started I was at 350. I'm already down to 329. I'm really happy with the results (expect a few minor mishaps, never do Kale and ghost peppers) and I love the way my body feels afterward. I don't see me stopping juicing anytime soon. So when you say 2 big glasses, are you saying 20oz glasses? I have a desk job and at work I tend to have about 24oz for lunch. If I drink that though out the day that feels like enough. Thank you for your response.

A large glass..
by: Vanessa

Hi John,
I think 24oz is a good size large glass :) I meant anywhere from 8-16 oz (because some people just juice say...5 ounces). Listen to your body and if you feel like you need more, have more.

Your weight loss is inspiring! Good luck and keep it up. Please return to tell us how you're doing or share with us on Facebook so you can inspire others.

by: John

The listening to my body is not that easy. I have a desk job and have to take things before hand. The 24oz glass seems to be working for the most part. I don't use recipes a whole lot, I'm hoping that is not a bad thing. I've have found some great combinations- And some not so good (never juice kale and ghost peppers). I will keep you posted on the weight loss, and thanks.

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