Canned Fruits and Veggies

by Mandsy
(Lawrence, Kansas)

Q: Just got a juicer and was wondering if it was beneficial to use canned fruits and vegetables? I know it would be more cost effective, but will it have anywhere near the same nutritional value as using fresh fruits and veggies?

A: Hi Mandsy, Congrats on your juicer!

Well, most canned fruits and vegetables are heated or pasteurized. They are cooked right in the can (that's why they have a different color then raw vegetables). When you heat fruits and vegetables, it destroys the enzymes, vitamins and minerals contained in the natural fresh fruit. The nutritional value is diminished greatly.

Canned vegetables are typically mushy, which is hard to juice. And people do argue that the can, made from aluminum, can be dangerous because the metal can seep into the food. Many manufacturers also add preservatives or additives for taste or freshness.

The reason why juicing is SO good for us is because we get the nutrition from raw produce- more than many of us would eat in a day- in a condensed glass full. The vitamins, enzymes and nutrition you get from raw vegetables is what our bodies truly need to heal and function properly.

Using canned fruit and vegetables defeats the purpose of raw juicing. It's so important to stick to fresh and preferably organic when juicing to get the benefits. If you are concerned about cost, just think about how much you'll save by treating your body so well :)

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