Celery and Blood Pressure

Q: Hi there!
The last two months I have been juicing and eating raw. However, I recently had my blood pressure checked and it was really high for me.

I was wondering if the celery I have been juicing may be contributing to high blood pressure. (I buy organic). I've read it contains a lot of sodium.(?not sure this is true either?) I have heard stories like yours about losing water retention with celery which is why I have always eaten or juiced celery. I use about 3 stalks daily in my juice, and I do taste the sodium in my celery. What do you think?

Thank you for your time, I love this site so much!

A: Hiiiii! Thanks for loving the site, I love my site visitors so much!! :)

Awesome you are juicing and eating raw! Well, it's funny that you mention this because.... actually, a lot of people juice celery for high blood pressure!

It has a compound called Phtalide, which is what gives it the aroma and taste. It helps to relax and smooth muscles in the blood vessel walls causing them to dilate and for the blood to flow better. Celery is also high in potassium (good for blood pressure).

Celery does have a decent amount of sodium (that being said, its not like table salt sodium) and you would have to eat a lot for it to be a problem.

But everyone and every body is different. Try cutting back to just one stalk a day and see if that makes a difference.

Blood pressure issues can be caused by so many things, stress, imbalance of vitamins and so on...

It's not necessarily such a bad thing though, because it is your body's natural defense mechanism for fighting what's wrong. It might just be that your body is regulating from all the good you're putting inside, and it's going through a healing process to get to an optimal state. Dr. Jensen always said that your body heals backwards. I have found this true for myself.

Good luck on eating raw and juicing!

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