Celery Lemon Juice Cocktail

I don't talk about it much, but I really love celery juice.  I've been juicing it for 15 years now and can honestly say it's one of the veggies that have made a true difference in my health.

Celery has natural electrolytes to help your body to hydrate and replenish needed minerals and vitamins.  It has calming properties that may help nourish nerves, anxiety, and lower blood pressure so it's perfect for stressful days and preventing a poor nights sleep.

I've found it to be fabulous de-bloating remedy to help carry excess sodium out of the body. 

What's not to love?

Over the years i've included less fruits in my juices. This will happen to you, too, once you've been juicing a while.  You need less "sweet" to enjoy your juice.

One of my favorite combos is plain celery juiced with fresh lemon or lime.  Is it sour?  Yes.  Is it a little salty?  Yes.   I find it nourishing and delicious.  

If you're new to juicing and prefer sweeter juices, you won't like this one unless you add a fruit to the mix. 

I just this simple celery + lemon juice cocktail often.  If you juice it everyday for a week, be amazed at the results!

Celery Lemon Juice Cocktail Recipe


1 head of celery, about 10 stalks

1 lemon, with or without peel 

1 apple or pear, optional for sweetness


Cut the lemon in half or quarters.  Juice the lemon and celery together.  Juice the apple or pear if you like a little sweetness.


You can also use lime instead of lemon.  They have the same properties as lemon but are a little sweeter.

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Benefits of Celery Juice

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