Citrus Juicer Press RUIDA,model FK5015

by Stefan

Hello people,

My name is Stefan, a guy lives in Europe. Probably as most visitors of this site me and my family also like fruit juice especially citrus juice. I bought one manual juicer press RUIDA FK5015 directly from manufacturer. I think that I found out the right product. The juicer is sturdy (over 6kg),effective, easy to operate and easy to clean and it beats all our previous similar appliances. Yes it is true! I bought many other juicers - electrical, manual, etc. Most of them were failures.

The fact is that the juice extracted with a manual fruit press is with incomparable natural flavor unlike that extracted from electrical models. In this way I recommend to everyone to buy manual juicer press and you will feel the difference.
As I said I bought juicer press directly from manufacturer. The company is very reliable,actually they delivered juicer only in few days after I had placed the order. Let me express my special thanks to Mr.Eden Lee, T H A N K Y O U !


From Vanessa: Thank you Stephan!
For everyone intersted, this is a link to something very similar, especially those in the USA.

Commercial Juice Press, Black

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Mar 01, 2011
just would like to add...
by: Stefan

Dear Vanessa,

Thank you for your comment. Yes, your suggestion looks really like my juicer, maybe only the fruit base of mine looks more massive and sturdy, but I am sure that it also will do the same great job as mine.

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