Daily or Weekly Menus Programs

by Peterwl

Q: I really want to get into juicing in a big way.

I've already bought a $200 juicer.

But what's stopping me is I haven't a clue what to buy in the way of fruits and veggies and how much of each that is going to give me my daily requirements of nutrients and vitamins and all the other good stuff.

I guess I could just buy a bit of everything and cram it into my juicer and drink until satisfied but I doubt the results would be very palatable.

Why is it seemingly impossible to find any comprehensive daily or weekly menus programs that fit my needs?
Hope you can help.

A: Hi Peterwl! I understand your frustration as I felt the same way when I started juicing. I do thank you for your question as this is something I'd like to put together for my readers in the future, so stay tuned!

My first advice to you would be to get a good juicing book. So instead of flying blind with combinations, you can try out taste tested combos.

Here are my recommendations for the best juicing books

We also have a good selection online for you on the all juicer recipes page.

Are you looking for the daily requirements for juice fasting or just juicing to accompany your diet? You might not want to over-think the daily requirements as if you're juicing for fasting, you're probably getting more nutrients then you would if you were eating a regular standard diet.

If you're looking for menu programs for fasting and detoxing purposes, try the book The Miracle Juice Diet

You might find it a good guide for you.
I think that most people do not have programs that include daily requirements becuase daily nutrition requirements are debated greatly (and a lot of people don't look to follow daily requrements). For example, most nutritionists don't agree with the standard "food pyramid" that the USA has, so I assume this might be part of the problem of the lack of programs with the information.

Congrats on your new juicer and your desire to enhance your health with juicing!

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