Do you still detox if you are juicing and eating?

by Jen
(New Mexico)

Q:I just started juicing and have incorporated it into my regular meals (such as eggs and toast for breakfast with juiced veggies) and a carrot, apple orange juice before dinner (which usually includes some sort of meat and veggie). Is my body still detoxing because I am having diarrhea and fatigue? I thought detox only happens if you are doing a juice only or raw food diet. Is fatigue part of detoxing?

A: Hi Jen! Juicing in itself does aid your body in detoxing. Yes, fatigue is a part of detoxing and so are bowel changes. Detoxing happens at a more rapid rate if you are juice fasting or on a raw food diet. Your body is always cleaning itself out. But when you allow it tools like juice and raw foods, it just happens quicker. If your body has to digest meals, it's going to clean out slower.

Your fatigue and bowel changes could be a number of things of which I can't speculate here. If you are juicing with your meals, chances are your body doesn't like the combination (for example, meat and juice together) or your body just isn't use to all the nutrition it's getting and needs to adjust.

Give it a few days, if it doesn't get better after day 4, I'd say you might need to try a new regimen.

So glad you started juicing!

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