Foam when Juicing A Smoothie

by Yvonne

Q: My husband and I have a Healthmaster and we love it!!
How can we avoid foam on our drink?
We blend spinach, kale, apple, half a banana, cabbage and a
few blueberries. Add cold water and 1/4 cup of orange juice.
Put on at speed 8 and blend for about 30 seconds. It is very
tasty but we do not like the foam on top. How can we avoid it?
Thank you.

A: Hi Yvonne! Awesome that you are loving juice! Blending a smoothie juice can be experimental. Blenders do a tough job by combining the produce and the water together. The blender blades move at a very fast speed. This is what creates the foam. Fast moving water plus produce = bubbles. Try blending at a lower speed and/or adding less water and orange juice. If you like to go at a higher speed, blend for a shorter period of time. The longer the blend, the more foam. Also, greens sometimes will do this in smoothies. Part of the reason may be from the combination of produce. Unfortunately, blending will always produce a little bit of foam. Try skimming it off with at fine strainer. More bananas may also help reduce the foam.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help, sometimes blending will just do this!

Happy juicing!

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Feb 10, 2013
I have my own take on the question
by: acimag

I had the gross foam on top of my smoothies for a while. Then I switched to organic vegetables and it disappeared. That foam is all the pesticides and it was so bad. Went organic and now its gone!

Sep 14, 2012
Why Foam Is Produced
by: BB

Hi Yvonne, Fruit and vegetables that have a high protein content like Kale, Spinach, Mango and Pineapple will naturally form a foam when 'agitated'. Fruit and vegetables low in protein like Apples and Celery will produce almost no foam. When the protein is 'broken up'(denatured) by being spun in the juicer, the protein behaves like a detergent (but of course it's not detergent) by forming bubbles. It's natural. Lower speeds will probably produce less foam.

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