Foamy Stuff

by Ericson

Q: What is the foamy stuff at the top of the juice?

A: Hi Ericson! The "foamy stuff" in your juice is usually a mix of some of the fiber mixed with the juice and sometimes, not always, the speed in which the juicer juices. It's most likely what happens when the juicer gets a little clogged.

See, the juicer has to seperate the juice from the produce. It's a big job! So when the juicer starts to clog a bit, sometimes the fiber will be pushed out into the juice as well. It occurs more often in centrifugal juicers that spin. The spinning is very fast, and it sort of throws the juice into the cup faster, and this fast motion creates a foam. It's totally safe to eat. If you really don't like it, a solution would be to get a new juicer or stop and clean the pulp out of the juicer half way through.

It always happens to me when I make lots of juice at one time. I usually just mix it with the juice so it all combines.

Happy Juicing!

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by: Robin

When I get foam in my juice, I just strain it when I pour it into my glass. I have a small, 4-inch, strainer just for that purpose.

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