Freezing Juice

Q: I have always just drank my juice fresh, right after the juice was processed. I had this idea to juice "ahead of time" by filling ice cube trays with the juice of each separate item of produce as I juice them, then later fill a cup with ice cubes for the combination of my choosing (letting the ice cubes thaw together). Would I still get the same (or close to the same) nutritional benefits?

A: That's actually not a bad idea, now that you mention it! There are people that freeze a combination juice, but juicing them seperate is nice. You could make lots of different combinations, fairly quickly. I like it :)

As for freezing juice and if it keeps its nutritional value...well, yes

Freezing, to me, is absolute best option over freeze dried juices or day old fresh juice that would oxidize. Freezing does preserve most of the nutritional value.

Whenever you cut or peel any fruit or vegetable and expose it to the light, it starts to lose vitamins and minerals immediately. Within seconds of peeling an orange, for example, the nutrition starts to dissipate. So without question, fresh squeezed juice that is drunk a few minutes after juicing is the best and holds the most nutritional value.

When you freeze the juice, you can preserve most of that but do lose some of the vitamins. My advice would be to try to move quickly right after juicing, to pour and freeze as quick as possible.

A great option for anyone who lives a busy lifestyle or is on-the-go a lot.

I actually prefer frozen wheatgrass juice (which is frozen and shipped in cubes) and this the same concept. I still reap the benefits. Freeze away!

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