I did the master cleanse for 11 days and here is what I can share...

by Melanie
(S.E. USA)

Juicing for 40 days (just 10 days four times)

Juicing for 40 days (just 10 days four times)

I really wasn't all that hungry a few years back when I did THE MASTER CLEANSE after the first couple days. I researched cayenne pepper and found that it broke up the mucous in the intestine supposedly. It also has B vitamins..I did the sea salt water flush every morning...I followed every instruction exactly (there are people all over YouTube that have different instructions-beware). The salt water makes some vomit but not me. I was worried about the salt intake but sea salt is different molecularly in that the molecules are so large it does not absorb into the blood stream but passes right through you (and that it does). Within 30 minutes of drinking, I would eliminate. I was so disappointed that nothing picture worthy came out in the potty the entire 11 days. I was disappointed because I know there is junk in this trunk!

I could have continued but found myself at the mall smelling fried chicken and starving. I knew all about the warnings about ending it...I had actually eased onto solids by having veggie broth and toast...peaches...but I did not ease off correctly because I ate that fried chicken and it had me crazy in the mall going from bathroom to bathroom--thinking I might die and I do not care if I get a disease on this toilet!! Grade B Maple syrup has more enzymes in its more natural state than the Grade A. Grade B is much more expensive. Wow, you think lemons and water, I can handle that $$cayenne, no problem. The grade B is high! Figure your cost that way! It doesn't last long either for the cost. I ran out and refused to go 25 miles to the health food store for another expensive bottle--so I got agave from WalMart and substituted the rest. I had faith in this because my mother did it for 6 days and a sebaceous cyst disappeared from under the skin on her face. I didn't really care about the weight loss I wanted to eat raw and cleanse myself.

For what ever reasons, I never went raw but I am about to do a 40 day veggie juice fast.

Begin with the end in mind--have the correct food at the end of this thing that is the most important factor!! Hope this helps someone!

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