Incorporating juice into your regular diet

by Courtney

Q: Hi! I'm new to juicing and am so excited to have a great resource such as this to learn more about it.

I am 25 and have always been conscientious of my health, an avid exerciser, and quite careful of what type of food I put into my body. However, a recent diagnosis of and recovery from thyroid cancer has caused me to become even more vigilant about eating whole foods and giving my body the nutrients it needs, and hence my gravitation toward to juicing.

My question then is this: should I start my juicing by doing a 3-day cleanse and then regularly incorporate juice into my diet? What do you recommend? How do you personally incorporate juice into your diet?

Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer my few questions! I appreciate any and all help and advice you are willing to give!

Courtney Elmer

A: Hi Courtney! Congrats on moving towards the whole foods/juicing lifestyle. You won't regret it. Congrats also on overcoming your cancer.

Cleanses are a great way to kickstart your body into a new habit, and also help your body to cleanse quicker than normal. I think they can be a great option. However, they are not desirable for everyone.

I personally do short periodic cleanses each year, and also, incorporate 1-2 juices per day into my daily diet.

Some people like to do cleanses each week (for example, Jay Kordich has mentioned in one of his books that he liked to do them every single Sunday to give his body a rest).

It's really up to you if you want to do a cleanse. I don't think you can go wrong either way. I think that they're great, but do take commitment and drive.

If you are getting in at least one juice a day and eat a clean diet, your body will naturally cleanse.

Good luck to you and thanks for stopping by :)

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