Ion Cleanse Footbath by AMD Review

My personal review of the detox foot bath 

The Ion Cleanse footbath has been instrumental in my health journey.  I had wanted one for so long and was nervous to get one.  I wasn't sure if the hype was real, if I would regularly use it, and how it would impact my health.  Here are my thoughts on the entire system.

What is the Ion Cleanse foot bath?

My foot bath session looks like this 2x a week. I like to use a bean bag for comfort and watch cooking shows or relax as the 30 minutes passes

The Ion Cleanse is a foot bath that uses positively and negatively charged ions in water to stimulate your parasympathatic nervous system.  This supports your body to relax and encourage detoxification though your detox pathways and organs.

The unit is composed of a plastic foot bath, and array and computer unit.  To use the unit, you fill the foot bath with water, install the array and turn the unit on.  It will tell you if the water needs salt and when it is optimal to start your foot bath. You sit comfortably in a chair and place your feet into the foot bath for a 30 minute session.

During the session, the machine will fluctuate between negative and positive ions.  The water will change color and this is just a reaction from the ions, the minerals in your water, and your body. Its different for everyone.  While the company states that the colors are just a reaction, I have found that the color and debris can vary from person to person and can indicate a detoxing of certain organ systems.  For me, I believe it's accurate.  I think more studies have to be done on this, but it is really interesting.  

Benefits of the Ion cleanse 

A lot of people feel like they have tried absolutely everything to feel better. Oftentimes, detoxification is the missing piece to the health and wellness puzzle. Here’s why you should give the IonCleanse detox foot bath a try.

The ioncleanse helps the body detox through the healing power of ions. Ions, because of their powerful charge, cleanse the body more effectively than any other method of detox. The process is safe, relaxing, and non-invasive, with no harmful side effects.

A long walk on the beach is therapeutic—mentally and physiologically. The benefit of a barefoot walk along the beach is that your body absorbs millions of negatively charged ions which alkalize the blood and tissue. Additionally, all those ions contribute to a sense of peace and relaxation. The IonCleanse system creates precisely the same environment as a walk along the beach, only more powerfully because your feet are in direct contact with the ions being manufactured in the water.

When you detox your body of toxins, it can start running better and produce a number of benefits including:

  • Less allergies
  • Feelings of balance and calm
  • Sleeping better
  • Strange mental and physical ailments disappearing
  • Better digestion
  • Reduction of eczema, rashes or other ways the body rids of toxins
  • Less or zero headaches
  • Less sinus pressure
  • Reduced brain fog and fatigue
  • Less neurological pain

Why I got an Ionic foot bath & how I use it

I started hearing about the benefits of the Ion cleanse from friends and practitioners many years ago.  I started using them periodically at wellness clinics and chiropractors.  I had seen others use it with success and also had felt the effects myself.  It was pricey to keep going to these places to get a package of sessions.  So after more research and wanting to uplevel my health, last year I decided to get a home unit so I could use it regularly.

We have so many toxins in our environment.  Even though I try really hard to eat well and live in a toxin free environment, the truth is we can't escape it.  Toxins come into our bodies through our food system, chemicals are sprayed in the air, we come in contact with poor air when we leave our home,  with toxic substances clothes, shoes, candles, cleaning products.  So am I going to stop eating out, going out, enjoying life? No way!  But I can actively support my body in getting rid of these daily.  This is why I ultimately decided to get a machine and use this on a regular basis.

I alternate using the foot bath a few times a week with my infared sauna & red light.  All of these modalities support your body to cleanse, so if I do these things too much, or both in one day, then it becomes too much for my body.  I do know people who can do a sauna session and footbath in the same day and are fine.  I personally have not gotten to that level yet.  I always use it at least 2x a week.

The benefits I've experienced

Since using my Ion Cleanse I've noticed a difference in how I sleep.  I do it in the evening and it calms me and I sleep better.  I got a heavy metal and mineral test done and it showed extremely low levels of toxic metals, and I owe some of that to this machine.  There have been studies done on those that use the ion cleanse for this purpose, and it greatly reduces the amount of toxins in their body when tested after a series of sessions, when tested through concentrations in their urine.

I find that muscular pain and inflammation is gone when I use it and my circulation is better.  I have always had bad circulation in my limbs, and the doctor diagnosed me with Raynauds.  Since using this machine I have experienced such a dramatic difference in this area. 

My mom and dad have also used the footbath.  My mom has a lot of inflammation and knee pain as she has fibromyalgia. She wasn't using it as regularly as me but was using it about once a week and her water color is always orange, indicating joints which is a major problem she has.  After a month, her knee puffiness went down about an inch!  She also has much less pain since using it, which makes me really happy.

Where to get the Ion cleanse footbath & final thoughts

We are living in the most toxic environment in earth’s known history and this toxicity can wreak havoc on a person’s health. Take control of your personal wellness with the IonCleanse detoxification system. It is the safest, most effective method to cleanse and purify the body.  It's easy to use and great for kids and elderly, too.

The only way to get the Ion cleanse footbath is through the company website.  I highly recommend you go there and go through the wealth of information and studies they provide.  

I LOVE my footbath and am so glad I got it and it's why I'm recommending it to you.  I know its a pricey purchase, but if you don't take care of your health now, you'll have to take care of it later.  This is such an important tool in my daily health arsenal.  If you would like to try one out before purchasing your own unit, I suggest you go to a wellness clinic or chiropractor that has this service.  You can usually get a package and try a few sessions to see what you think.  Thats what I did and I was sold after a few times.

Note: Do not get the knock off brands on Amazon or the other cheap ones you'll find around the web.  These are dangerous and aren't this same technology - I would not recommend.  AMD is the original creator and has the patent on these machines as well as scientific studies behind it - they are extremely safe.  Considering that you are using electricity with water, safety is also important. 

The unit I got is called the Ion Cleanse Solo because that is the one for personal home use.  I did not get a lid for the foot bath because I didn't feel like it was needed. 

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