Juice Fast Diet Common Questions

Here are some of the most common juice fast diet questions that I’m asked. Always remember, a juice fast diet varies for each person.

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What are detox side effects?
Common detox effects include flu like symptoms, runny nose, headaches, fatigue, achey joints and muscles, dizziness and nausea. These are normal and a sign that you body is cleansing the toxins.

What recipes do I use on a juice fasting diet?
Use mostly vegetable juice recipes and limit fruit juices to one a day. Here is a list of juice fasting recipes to get you started. This site is full of other juicing recipes, as well, so poke around until you find the ones that you like!

How do I start a juice fast diet?
Juice fasting is done by drinking only fresh juiced juice for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for a short period of time ranging 1 to 60 days or more. Typically, no solid food or smoothies are eaten to allow your body the energy and time to cleanse out toxins.

How much juice do I drink during a day of juice fasting? Drink a minimum of 4 glasses a day. You can drink more if you crave it, but you’ll need to listen to your body.

How long is safe to cleanse?
This answer really depends on the person, their health and desires. There are people that fast for 60 days or even 100 days. The most common length of time for people to fast is for 3 days, 7, 14 or 30 days. It is completely safe and very healing. While it is not good to fast for the rest of your life, a 30 day fast would do wonders for most people. If you aren’t sure how long you should cleanse, consult with your physician.

How many fruit juices should you drink during a fast?
You will have to listen to your body, but generally, it should be limited to one a day because fruit only juices do contain sugar. If you only juiced fruit juices for a detox it would be too much sugar. If you can handle two glasses of fruit juice, you will know, but its best to stick to the vegetable drinks.

Am I missing important nutrients in my diet if I do a juice fast?
Most people actually are getting more nutrients then they would on a normal basis. Juicing a bag of carrots and apples provides way more vitamins, nutrients and enzymes that is in a typical diet.

Does it matter which juicer I use when I do a juice fast diet?
It’s always best to use a good juicer for optimal nutrition during a juice fast. Stay away from centrifugal types and lean towards single or twin gear juicers if you have the choice.

Why is a juice detox healthy?
A detox is healthy because your body does not need to exert energy to digest, and the vitamins carried through a water source (juice) absorbs quicker into your body. This signals your body to cleanse the toxins out. By removing toxic waste from our systems, our body starts to heal and function properly.

What are the benefits of juice fasting?
Fasting provides your body time to cleans.e by not exerting energy to digest. This link will provide you with a longer list of juice detox benefits

How much water should I drink during a juice fast diet? Try to drink your weight in ounces of water a day. Even though you’re drinking a lot of water with the juice, your body still needs water to help carry the toxins out and encourage bowel movements.

Why do I still have bowel movements if I’m not eating solid food?
Most of us have caked up waste lining our intestines…some people have pounds. During a detox, your body will work to remove all extra waste and toxins out. The bowel movements you are experiencing are due to waste removal.

How can I slow down detox side effects?
You can slow down detox symptoms by eating or blending solid food. Make a smoothie and add some avocado. This will slow down the effects. Colonics and enemas help to get the waste that’s on its way out and will also alleviate the unpleasant effects of cleansing. Taking time to rest will also help.

Can I exercise when I am on a juice diet?
You can exercise when you’re on a juice diet. Because your body needs most of its energy to cleanse, stick to low impact exercises like pilates, yoga, stretching, and brisk walks. It will get your cells moving and help encourage your body to sweat, which will remove toxins.

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