Juice Fast Movie.  A review of the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead by Joe Cross.

The Juice Fast Movie as people call it, is really “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” by Joe Cross. It’s a great movie, and highly recommended. Since it came out in 2009, it has propelled people to take their health seriously and try fasting, or even simply juicing, at the very least.

In a nutshell.  Here's the story of this juice fast movie.

Joe Cross is just a normal, overweight guy with multiple health problems on several different medications. He realizes one day that it’s got to stop(or he’s going to die), and decides to conduct his own 60 day, juice only, juice fast diet. All the while documenting it for the world to see…

He visits a few physicians and gets blood work before hand. He also calls his doctor a few times from the road. It’s more of a green juice fast, as that is what he mostly consumes. An Australian, he comes to United States and spends 30 days in new your and the rest of the 30 in travels across the country, meeting people of all kinds, spreading a quiet word about juice fasting.

One day well into his fast, at a truck stop, he met a man named Phil that had the same skin condition as he did. It’s very rare, but Joe was able to heal from it through the fast. Joe shared with him his story of how his body was healing, and encouraged him to think about doing a fast too. They exchanged contact info and went on their way.

Weeks went by, but Joe received a call from Phil asking for help. So Joe went to his rescue with a juicer and instructions for a fast. Phil did the fast, lost a tremendous amount of weight, and gained his health back. He even started a little revival in his town, encouraging others to juice fast as well.

He also featured a woman who was relieved of painful headaches after going through a juice fast of her own…really remarkable results.

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How the juice fast movie will benefit you

If you want to know how to do a juice fast, and experience one in action first hand, this will quench your curiosity. It will also inspire you to get a juicer, or juice more. And even more beneficial, you’ll want to start a juice fast of your own afterwards.

Having a fast explained to you in movie form helps you understand why it’s great and what can happen when you supercharge your health this way.

If you let it, this juice fast movie can push you to the next level in health. Highly recommended documentary to watch if you are thinking of fasting or are in the middle of juice fasting.

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How to do a Green Juice Diet like Joe Cross

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