Juice fast side effects and detox symptoms.  Here's what to expect when you're doing a juice detox.

Each person experiences a juice detox and juice fast side effects differently depending on their body, their past, current illnesses and eating habits. Successive cleanses are usually different then the first cleanse. 

Minor ailments such as colds, fevers, skin spots, headaches, pimples/boils, fatigue, dizziness, sinus pressure, runny nose, loose or hard stools, low energy and body odor are extremely common.

The cleanse is like a time machine…it takes you back through old problems and you re-experience old conditions as you stir up old toxins in your body. Some people say that their juice fast side effect consist of having flashbacks of feelings or tastes. People that use to smoke cigarettes years ago say they can taste it in their mouth. People that had done recreational drugs feel a little high as the drugs get released from the fat cells in the body. Joints hurt and sinus problems re arise.

This is called a healing crisis. It’s a good thing. These detox symptoms are a sign that the body is cleansing. A little discomfort now will do a world of difference later.

This is not unusual or strange. Your body is going through a withdrawal of sugar, caffeine, processed foods, pollution, etc, at the same time stirring up toxins in the body. Keep in mind these are not because of the juice detox diet, it’s based off of what you’ve done to your body in the past.

This happens because one or more of your organs is forced to cleanse at an accelerated pace in order to deal with a large amount of wastes from tissues in the body. It causes discomfort. Some people experience discomfort for just a few minutes, some have symptoms that last hours. The longer and harder you have discomfort, the more you needed the juice detox.

Just keep in mind that you aren’t dying, you’re getting better!You can’t know what to expect, as small problems from the past could resurface as a bigger problem, possibly catching an early problem developing into a bigger issue someday.

Most people say that they have one day during the juice diet is particularly hard to get through but it's common to feel good after 4-5 days. The first few days of any detox diet will be the days that your body will cleanse the most rapidly.

Other common changes that people experience as juice fast side effects are:

  • Menstrual cycle changes
  • Bowel movements can smell foul
  • Sinuses draining and mucus loosening in thought
  • Extreme nausea enough to make you vomit. Most of the time, mucus is what is vomited and nausea dissipates. Drink ginger tea to help.
  • Bad breath
  • Worsening body odor
  • Skin worsens (blotchy spots, acne, etc)

You’ll have to read your body and access the situation as it comes. Most people power through it, but you can do a few things to get through it like get a massage, colonic, enema, body wrap, rest by reading or watching tv, acupuncture, sleeping or a bath.

If it’s too much for you to handle, I recommend eating raw foods (like vegetable sticks or a raw salad), then starting up on the juice fast again. You could also start again at a later date when you feel stronger or more hopeful.

All of this said, many people experience good juice detoxes where only one or two of these symptoms appear and they feel happier, mind clearer, and get more energy every day. It’s different for everyone. In the end, focus on the other side and a healthier you!

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