Juice Fasting Retreat

Is a Juice Fasting Retreat for You?

Juice fasting retreats are multi-day events where like-minded people go to cleanse, detoxify and purify their bodies by abstaining from the foods and beverages they normally consume and drinking nutritious, healthful juices instead. 

Some say these retreats also act to rejuvenate the soul and refresh the mind. Often taking place on the grounds of a resort or overnight spa, others are set in calm, pastoral settings with sleeping facilities.  Juice fasting retreats involve various schedules and run juice fasting retreats periodically throughout the year.  Typically, these events involve “group fasts” instead of individual fasting programs.  You’re surrounded by other people who are in the same program as you are, so you get the benefit of their moral support and camaraderie.  The duration of the fast varies, depending on the center and the particular program, but a week is pretty typical. Many last two weeks.

These retreats don’t always involve a complete and total abstinence from food and drink.  Although, they do vary.  Many serve an abundance of raw foods.  So, while you’re at a juice fasting retreat you’ll be allowed to drink specific types of fresh juices.  These nutrient-rich juices help your body purify and detoxify itself while still providing the hydration and energy you need on an everyday basis.

Besides Detox, Are There Other Therapeutic Benefits of Juice Fasting Retreats?

Juice fasting retreats may have certain therapeutic benefits in addition to cleansing and detox.  Some juice fasters say that participating in one of these events helps them lose weight, reverses some outward signs of aging (decreasing wrinkles and so forth), and gives their skin a naturally healthy glow.  Others say that their immune system gets a much-needed boost, their blood circulation improves, the pain and inflammation they experience are reduced, their nicotine or caffeine addiction is cured, and that issues like nausea, constipation or diarrhea tend to go away. 

Who They Can Help

Almost anyone could benefit from a good juice fasting retreat, but especially people with nutritionally poor diets, health ailments or low energy levels.  Health-savvy people who want a safe way to drop some excess pounds or try to arrest the onset or progression of signs of aging also stand to gain from a juice fasting retreat.

Things to Expect at a Juice Fasting Retreat

While a diet consisting solely of fresh, nutrient-rich juices is a universal theme at juice fasting retreats, yoga lessons, classes in breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation are also important aspects of many of these events.  Many retreats also hold classes and group discussions about the benefits of juice fasting and how it can help detoxify the body.  The best retreats are supervised by a medical team (doctors and/or nurses) who are there to help guide participants through the process.

Because these retreats are often held at a resort, spa or other calm, relaxing setting, the physical surroundings are often quite beautiful.  Many retreat events include the use of a swimming pool, sauna (sometimes a far infrared sauna) and/or hot tub.  Nature trails and walks through calming gardens are also available at some juice fasting retreats.  Naturally, you’re not forced to do any of these things if you don’t want to – they’re just there to enhance your experience during the retreat.

Potential Benefits of Participating in a Juice Fasting Retreat

Fasting periodically helps your body in several ways.  By temporarily eliminating the significant expenditure of energy that’s normally needed to digest your food, fasting frees up that energy so that your body can put it to other uses.  This “freed-up” energy gives a boost to several important physiological processes: 

   Cellular repair •   Resorption, assimilation or elimination of dead and dying cells

   Creation of new cells, and

   Removal of waste and other toxic substances from the bloodstream and your bodily tissues in general.

So, there are plenty of health benefits to be gained by periodically fasting.  Your body needs hydration and a number of essential nutrients every day, just to keep running.  The healthful juices at these retreats supply both.  They give your body the hydration and nutrients it needs to remain healthy and functioning properly.  At the same time, they provide a safe way for your body to temporarily take a break from using its energy on digestion.  That, in turn, allows your body to re-direct its energies to cleansing and healing itself. 

And, if you get some psychological or spiritual benefits from the low-stress atmosphere, meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, and group support that are typical of most of these events, that’s so much the better.  You could come out of your retreat with a healthier body, a few less pounds, a clearer mind, more energy, and even a heightened spiritual awareness.

Would you rather try a juice fast at home?  Click here for a how-to on juice fasting.

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