Juice For Cereal?

by Annie

Q: Hi, I like to eat cereal but want to stop drinking milk. Do you have any suggestions for moistening cereal with juice? I dont even know if you eat cereal I'm just curious.

A: Annie, I certainly have moistened my cereal with juice before! I, too, have greatly tried to reduce my milk consumption and it was pretty easy to do.

The juice that I think works the best with cereal is fresh apple juice. It's pretty sweet and just seems to make a great liquid base. If you are having hot cereal, you could even heat it just a tad (but don't get it hotter then 100 degrees because you don't want to kill the fresh enzymes).

I have also tried throwing in a few fresh berries in with the cereal and apple juice, and have even juiced a few berries with the apple. Both versions turned out fantastic :)

And don't forget, fresh nut milk is also a great alternative. I like to make a batch of almond every week with my The Vitamix. Here are the instructions for how to make nut milk.

Happy healthy juicing!

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