Juice Popsicles and Ice Cubes

by Jessica Binion
(San Anotnio, Texas)

Q: Hi, I am new to juicing and I know fresh juice should be used right away for best results but I was wondering can you make Popsicles or ice cubes for water drinks.

My daughter loves Popsicles year round but store bought has so much sugar. My husband drinks water all day but likes flavored ice.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

A: Hi Jessica! Yes, Absolutely! That's a great idea and I know a lot of people that LOVE to do this.

Ice cubes: All you have to do is juice your favorite juice, and put it in the ice cube tray (with fun shapes, of course)and pop it in a glass of water the next time you want to add a little flavor to your drink. In fact, mixing strawberry ice cubes in a lemonade or pineapple juice sounds fantastic to me!

Juice Popsicles: Again, juice your favorite juice and stick it in the popsicle tray and then have it sit in the freezer overnight or a few hours. Mixing coconut milk or almond milk with the juice in a blender works great to give it a creamy consistency.

I have found that pineapple, orange and almond milk swirl, and strawberry orange are all really great popsicle flavors that are easy to make for anyone.

Tip: Mix some green juice or carrot juice in (just a little) and no one will know. They will be getting those vitamins while eating dessert!

What a great treat!

Here is my fav popsicle maker:

Zoku Quick Pop Maker

This is soooo cool. You can put peices of fruit inside, make swirls and it freezes super quick. Totally worth the investment if you've got kids that will want these daily!

They even sell a storage bin! Tell me that isn't cool...

Zoku Storage Case

And I love these ice cube trays! They are nice and big for a good amount of frozen juice:

Tovolo King Ice Cube Trays in Green

Have fun with your Juice Pops! Let me know how it turns out and if you come up with cool recipes that your kids love :)

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