Juice Separates

by Elle

Q: How I do I keep my juice from separating? It seems like I have three layers: a foam on top, an opaque layer, and a slightly transparent layer. What can I do to keep it from doing this?

A: Hi Elle! Juice separating is actually, unfortunately, pretty common. What type of juicer do you have? This occurs more often with a centrifugal (spinning screen type) juicers since they are less effective at removing the thicker puply layer and also at the fast rate at which they extract. The fast spinning motion effects how the final juice will turn out.

Try getting a single gear juicer or a top of the line twin gear
Green Star Juicer
(if you don't have one).

Another reason for this could be due to the type of produce being used. Some of the fruits and veggies take more effort to get juice out of, which makes a juicer clog faster, and in turn churn out more foam and pulp. Celery, for example, is one that can be harder on juicers and will usually back up the process creating more seperation of juices. So, most people find that cleaning it out mid-way through juicing is effective to reduce this.

I always mix my juice after its juiced to combine it all. Are you drinking it right away? If you let it sit longer then 5-10 minutes it will separate. The lightest, watery part of the juice settles at the bottom, where as the foamy, pulpy solid part will rise to the top. Just mix it so it's all together.

The best way to avoid it is to get a better juicer, to clean out your juicer mid way through the process, and to drink it immediately. It's really not a terrible thing that it seperates, in the end its all part of the produce and is all good for us!

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