Make your own natural fruit juice soda and fizzy drinks.  No sugar added.

Sometimes we need juice soda, something just a little bit different.  And if you’ve given up regular soda like I have, well, sometimes you like the thought of a little bit of bubbly bliss.

Here’s how you make natural soda, or sparkling juice, if you will.  It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s absolutely delightful- In just two easy steps.

How to make your own natural, fizzy soda juice drink

Step 1: Juice any of your favorite juice drink. While vegetables can work, a fruit juice seems to work the best and be more appropriate for this type of drink.

Step 2: Add mineral water, water with gas, seltzer water, whatever type of water that you’d like that has a little fizzy.

Fruit Juice Soda

Tips for making juice fiz drinks

  • Typically…1:1 ratio (1/2 cup to juice to ½ cup of seltzer) works best but less is good too.
  • Fruit juice works best…and citrus is unbelievable!
  • Because of the nature of soda water, it will go flat within an hour. These are drinks that need to be made and drunk right away.

For a party, anyone? The best and most impressive use of a natural soda is when making a special drink for a guest or for parties. You’ll have to make them individually, but you could juice beforehand, and just add the juice and mineral water to your cups as you make the drinks.

I also find these make the best summer-at-the-pool drink. It makes a fun and delicious way to hydrate.

The natural soda recipes

The directions are the same…juice the fruit, add the ingredients together in a large glass and swirl with a spoon. Drink immediately or the fizzy won’t last!

Apple Cherry Fiz

½ cup apple juice

½ cup mineral water

½ cup of cherries, juiced

Add cherry and apple juice in a glass with the mineral water. Serve immediately.

Citrus Fiz

1 whole orange, peeled

½ lemon peeled

Small 1 inch knob of ginger

½ to 1 cup of mineral water

Juice orange, lemon and ginger. Add to mineral water in a glass. Serve immediately.

Apple Orange Fiz

2 apples

1 orange

½ cup mineral water

Juice apples and orange. Add to mineral water in a glass. Serve immediately. 

Lemonade Fiz

1 lemon

1 cup of mineral water

A few drops of stevia

Squeeze one lemon into a glass. Add the cup of mineral water and sweeten with a few drops(3) of stevia for a little sweet. 

Strawberry Apple Juice Soda

1 cup of strawberries

2 apples

½ cup to 1 cup of mineral water

Juice the strawberries and apples. Add to mineral water in a glass. Serve immediately. 

Blueberry Fiz

1 cup of blueberries

1 apple

½ lemon

½ cup to 1 cup of mineral water

Juice the apple and lemon. Add to mineral water in a glass. Serve immediately. 

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