Juice to go. Transport or store your fresh juice easily and safely.

Juice to go is very easy and doable for most people. Use these tips for transporting fresh juice to work, school or on a day trip.

There are so many times that we might want (or need) to take our fresh juice to go with us.

Are you going...

  • On a picnic
  • All day outing
  • A morning outing (and want juice for breakfast or snack)
  • Are doing a juice fast and need to leave the house
  • To work
  • To school
  • Camping
  • Shopping

Have no fear! I’ve taken juice with me for many of the reasons above and it’s worked out beautifully as long as I prepped ahead of time.

I personally have worked in an office for many years. I’m there for about 8.5 hours and have a 30 minute commute each way- so I’m away from my juicer for a long time! I love to bring fresh juice with me when I can. Here are the rules for juicing on-the-go.

carrot juice in glass bottl


1. Plan ahead. If you are leaving in the morning, you’ll need to juice in the morning. Prep your produce the night before if possible, sealing it in an airtight container or plastic zippy bag. It’s just adding an extra step to getting your lunch or to-go dinner packed.

2. Because fresh juice won’t last very long once it’s juiced, you’ll have to juice as soon as possible before the time you leave. For me, I leave for work at 8am so I juice around 7-7:30am.

3. You must have a good bottle to carry it in. Plastic thermoses or containers will do, but the absolute best is a stainless steel drink carrier or dark colored glass. Most people just use leftover glass bottles, and that is perfect. If you use plastic it must be the very hard thermos type plastic. Rubbermaid or Tupperware brands are good for only short periods of time (like if you were to take to drink on the commute to work). Plastic is never really preferable for most foods & drinks for the fear of chemicals leaching out.

I prefer the stainless steel because most brands have air and liquid tight fitting lids that work wonderfully for juice. They are also unbreakable. Stainless steel bottles tend to keep the cool temperature well. And one other reason I like the stainless steel- no light can get through (the light encourages oxidization), it’s completely opaque. Most brands are indestructible and last for forever.

The stainless steel jugs from brands like SIGG come in some of the most stylish designs. From masculine to kids, you can find one to fit every personality. If you have a family, try getting a different one for each member that they can use daily. It just adds to the fun :) I personally have a unisex looking grey stainless steel model, and bought a mini kids one because I loved the design (and its great for taking wheatgrass juice with me, since I only need a little).

Taking juice with you longer than a day?  How long will it last?

Your juice will safely last about 12 hrs in the jug, but you’ll probably want to drink it within 6 if possible. If you have a green star or other high quality juicer you might be able to get away with 24 hours. If it’s really dark and tastes funny, throw it away. Old juice is toxic and oxidized and you definitely don’t want to drink it.

If you are going away for a few days and want to bring juice with you, the only way you’ll be able to get away with it is if you have a high end juicer like the Norwalk, Angel or Green Star. And the juice would have to be sealed with no air immediately after juicing.

I say safer is always better, so if you want to bring juice somewhere for longer than a day then I would recommend trying to find a local juice bar in the area if possible. This way you don’t have to worry about carrying it with you or it going bad. These days fresh juice bars or cafes with juice presses are everywhere. Chains like jamba juice are worldwide. A little bit of research ahead of time will help you scout out a good location to get your daily juice fix.

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