Juices to Detox and Lose Weight?

by Maya
(New York, USA)

Q: Hi!, I am a 16 year old girl that is just starting to explore juicing. I honestly want to use it to detox and lose weight, as well as just cleanse and feel better. I love veggies and fruit and am not afraid of trying new things (even if they don't taste so good the first time.)

I am wondering if you maybe could suggest a few juices that will help me achieve my goals of weight loss and overall health.

Thanks so much!!

A: Hiiiiiii! So awesome that you are starting to explore juicing at your age. I love it. So much. You are on the right track to a healthy lifestyle. Thank you for coming to our site :)

Well, the first thing to know about juicing is that you are giving yourself waaaay more nutrients then you could get from eating, and quicker. So it can do really great things for you. So when you have all that nutrition, most people (especially at your age) just naturally lose weight when they are eating well and taking care of themselves.

I’m guessing you might want something easy and nutritious, right? Okay, so remember that apple and carrots are really great for juicing. 1) They both are super nutritious 2) They hide up bad tasting produce pretty well 3) They are easy to find.

The pectin in the apples help bind with the fat and carry it out of your body.
Carrots have quite a good amount of beta carotene, which helps in so many ways, including good skin and overall health.

Start with these two and add whatever else you’d like…apples go with a lot of things, and so do carrots. Throw in a few green leaves of romaine lettuce, or add other vegetables. Experiment with different combinations. Keep in mind what you like eat might be different then the things you’ll like in juice form (like carrots taste so different, I think).

Here are some more suggestions:

A carrot cantaloupe combination and/or a grapefruit apple combo are popular juices used for slimming.

You might want to look at the >>> weight loss juice recipes page

Or the >>> detox juice recipe page for more specific ideas.

Does this help? Happy Juicing!

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