Juicing for Nasal Congestion


Q: Hi, I was hoping to start juicing soon I've been suffering from chronic nasal congestion for 5 years and would like to know if I do buy a juicer sometime soon.

What kinds of juices would best help my condition? And also what's the difference between blending and juicing.


A: Hi! I hope you do start juicing soon! I had nasal congestion and problems with my sinuses for years! Let me tell you what helped me:

1) Getting rid of dairy. I had a feeling that dairy made my sinuses worse because everytime I had some, I'd get a flare up or headache. Then one day, my husband went to a holistic doctor and she told him that the first step was to cut out dairy. So to be nice, I did it with him. We both saw improvements. If you have dairy, try cutting it out completely. Dairy is mucus forming and can be inflammatory.

2) Vitamin C, at least 1,000 milligrams a day. This will boost your immune system and help it to fix or fight any underlying problems that might be lurking.

3) Juicing a combination of 2 apples, 2 carrots, 2 brussel sprouts, 1/2 lemon and a small knob of ginger. There's something about this juice that clears out your nasal congestion and works wonders when used daily, so give it a try.

As for the difference between blending and juicing, check out this article on juicing and blending.

Blending is mixing the produce together, while juicing seperates the fiber from the juice, extracting all of the liquid.

Good luck to you and stop back soon!

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