Juicing For Teens

by Anonymous

Q: What are great juices for teenagers?

A: Certainly, I have some for you! :) Juicing for teenagers is such a great idea…it will help balance out hormones and since they are still growing, and will give them the nutrition they need to develop a healthy body naturally.

Better then a multi-vitamin any day!

Here are some of my favorite juice recipes for teenagers:

1) Apple Carrot: 4 apples, 4 long carrots.

2) Grape Strawberry: This one has a higher sugar content, but is so good tasting, I’d be surprised if many teens didn’t like this. 2 large handfuls of red grapes, and about a pound of strawberries (tops okay).

3) Orange: Straight up orange gives vitamin C and calcium, and you can’t go wrong with that. 6-7 oranges, peeled.

4) Green Apple: This one is green, but just call it green apple and they might miss the rest of the ingredients they otherwise might turn their nose up too. 2-3 green apples, 2 stalks of celery, ½ a lemon (peel okay), a leaf of kale, and a teeny, tiny knob of ginger (very tiny! Its strong!)

Breakfast or mid-day snacks are a great way to include them in the diet. Congrats on wanting to help out a teens nutrition!

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