Juicing for Workouts

by Victor J.
(Mansfield, Texas)

Q: Hi, My name is Victor Justice and I am a BKA (Below Knee Amputee). I am new to juicing as I am trying to lose weight because after the operation you can't really do anything until the bottom of your stump heals. So, I have put on the pounds.

Now that my leg is healed enough I can get back to a close as normal life. I have looked on your website (by the way a ton of info, made it one of my favs) but I can't seem to find anything that has to do with a pre or post workout.

Victor Justice

A: Hi Victor, Congrats on getting your life back to normal! I am assuming you want some info for juicing/smoothie-ing for your workouts.

In that case, you'll want to have something with lots of carbs pre-workout and something with protein post-workout.

Examples of a carb & energy full pre-workout juice would be a carrot/apple mix or a green + fruit mix. I wouldn't drink it right before, however, because it could make you feel full. Leave yourself some time after you drink the juice.

Examples of a protein rich post-workout drink would be a green smoothie. You can find lots of green smoothie recipes here.

Greens have a tremendous amount of protein, but stick to the best- romaine and spinach!

Hope that help answered your question, and good luck with your workouts!

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