Juicing Questions

by Bjorn Froman

Q: Hi, I love my Green Star juicer. I have read a lot of Green Star FAQ, I still have a few unanswered questions that I would be impressed if you answered.

1) After I have juiced a glass of fresh juice, can I poor it into my high speed blender in order to make a smoothie or will this mess up all the hard work the Green Juicer just did?

2) I have a nutritional soy protein drink (a meal replacement) every morning. I'd like to mix the powder with my Green Star juice instead of water or other juice, is that a good idea or does it defeat any of the Green Star juice power?

3) It takes me 30-35 minutes every morning to make nearly 1 liter of juice. How can I be more efficient without sacrificing the nutrition value? Thank you so much for taking some time and answer me.

Bjorn Froman

A: Hi, Bjorn! Really good questions. Let’s find out if my opinion helps you out any.

Question 1: Yes, you can poor juice into a high speed blender to make a smoothie. Many people enjoy making smoothies this way, and it doesn’t diminish the work that your juicer did. Some things to keep in mind, though: Your juice starts to lose some of the vitamins after its juiced, so its always better to drink it right away. If you are making a smoothie right after juicing and then drinking it, no problem there.

Also, part of the point of juicing is to get more of the vitamins and minerals of fresh fruit and veggies into an easily digestible liquid form. Adding in other things with your juice in a smoothie might slow down the rate of which your body absorbs and uses the vitamins. Which, in my opinion, not a big deal.

Question 2: A lot of people do mix their protein drinks with juice as a meal replacement. I prefer not to do this, as it makes me feel uncomfortably full and I’m not so sure that the food combining is a great idea. So, I would prefer to drink them separately. That being said, others might disagree with me on that, so it’s a matter of preference. It doesn’t really defeat any of the Green Star Juice power, as you are still getting the good quality juice into you.

Question 3: I, too, struggle with the time that it takes to juice, and often don’t make juice when I should just because of the time commitment. I have found that a few things help me go faster.

1) Prep your veggies by washing and cutting them the night before. Put them in a large Ziploc baggie or glass container and store it in the fridge. In the morning, take it out of the fridge and you are all ready to juice.

2) Leave your juicer out on the counter. I know this sounds silly, but I usually store my juicer when I’m not using it. If I am going to juice the next morning and I’ll be tight on time, I leave it out so it’s ready to go.

Other then these suggestions, I’m not so sure that you can juice too much quicker. Cleaning up your juicer is a must, as you can’t let it sit or the juice will dry on it. You could try to juice the night before, but it will lose a bit of nutritional value, so that’s up to you. That is certainly the quickest way.

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