Juicing to heal UTI or kidney infection

by Christine

Q: Hi, I have been running a moderate fever for two days (~101.) My suspicion is I may have a UTI or kidney infection even though I don't have all the symptoms for either.

My question is, what juice would be safe to do if you're supposed to eliminate sugars, which many fruits and veggies have? Is there a specific juice to help aide in healing rather than going the route of antibiotics?

Thank you, for your time.

A: Hi Christine! Oh no! I hope you feel better soon... If I were you, I would juice cranberries a few times a day until well. Many studies have been done and are currently being tested on its properties as virus fighters. For many people, they can knock a virus out pretty quickly with fresh cranberry juice.

Cranberries contain quininic acid (quinine) which is a powerful acid that can penetrate the villi of the ileum and enters the liver. When it's in the liver, the quinine converts to hippuric acid which helps to remove the impurities (like urea, purines and uric acid) from the kidneys, bladder and prostate. This speeds your recovery. They also cleanse and heal the urinary canal.

The quinine is what makes the juice bitter, so to tolerate it dilute it with some fresh spring water or combine it with a pear, apples or grapes. I know you said you are avoiding sugars, however, the cranberries are so beneficial for virus and UTI conditions that you might want to think about it (plus they are low sugar). Adding an apple is always a good idea when you have an infection as it holds beneficial properties for getting the body back to normal. If it were me, I'd make cran-apple juice.

Another thing you might want to consider is the power of garlic. While you can juice a fresh clove with veggies, it can be strong. If you can handle it, do it. Another option would be to crush fresh cloves and eat them with your meal, if possible. Garlic is a powerful natural antibiotic. If you prefer to take a supplement, look for Allicin, which works well for me. There have been many times where I have had an infection and the garlic knocked it out pretty quickly.

I like the tincture boneset for reducing fever, and keep it on hand for any occasions that might come up.

Hope these suggestions help you and I wish you a speedy recovery!

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Very beneficial
by: Nanc

Thank you for this post, I have had three UTI's this year and the one thing that I changed was my food. I have something like 34 food allergies, so I juiced right before my third one, but I am going to juice starting today for the next few days. I'll be careful with the fruit and will juice the cranberries but will start adding garlic to it too, interesting. Thanks bunches....

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