Juicing vs Vitamix

by Gord Forewell
(London, Ontario)

Q: Hi there and thanks for your time.
As you know the best juicers have minimal oxidization. I was wondering how long the juice from a Vitamix will last?

Green Star for example is ok for 3 days. Now with the Vitamix, and using a cotton bag to strain the pulp, have you experimented or tested the enzyme activity?

Thanks again.
Gord Forwell
London, Ontario

A: Hi Gord! That is a great question. Juice from a Vitamix will not last as long as juice from a gear juicer (especially a Green Star).

Juice from a Vitamix could last up to 24 hours but anything after that will oxidize greatly.

The main reason that juice from a Green Star and other gear juicers last longer and oxidize slower is because the internal design of the juicer squeezes and crunches the juice out at a very low RPM. There are also other factors like magnets & bioceramic materials in the juicing mechanisms. A Vitamix is a high powder blender that blends it all together at a high speed. The concept is very different which results in a completely different product.

While I have not done an official test on the enzyme activity, my own experience has shown me that you could probably drink juice from a Vitamix after 24 hours but I wouldn't recommend it. If you want your juice to last longer, definitely use a juicer.

It's always a good practice to drink your juice as soon as you juice it (if possible!) so that you can get the most benefits from it :)

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