Kale juice recipes.  A power green that cannot be missed.

kale juice recipes

Kale juice recipes make nutrient dense green drinks sure to give you sustained energy and nutrition for your days.

Kale benefits include aiding in constipation, building red blood cells, neutralizing blood sugar, easing bladder problems and relieving arthritis pain. While kale juice recipes are extremely vitamin rich, it’s especially a good source of calcium. Kale recipes are an excellent choice for helping almost any health condition.

Totally make it a point to put this green on your weekly shopping list! One thing that I love about it is that if it does happen to go bad before I can use it, it freezes quite well to be used in green smoothies later. I hardly ever have any kale that goes to waste for this reason.

Another plus- it’s a hearty green so it’s easier to feed into your juicer compared to other greens, and definitely will keep longer in the refrigerator.

Keep in mind that when juicing kale you must combine it with other juices like carrot or cucumber because it’s too strong to be juiced alone. If you stick to these kale juice recipes you’ll be just fine. Try one out and then tweak it to your liking if you want more or less juice.

Kale juice recipes tips

  • If you happen to be making a meal with kale and are removing the stem, then save the stems in the bowl for juicing later.
  • Juices that mix well with kale are carrot, cucumber, apple.
  • Add lemon or ginger to your recipes to hide the “green taste” if it isn’t your favorite
  • Greens nourish our cells and clean them at the same time, go slow if you’re a beginner. Be sure to combine it with other juices.
  • When tweaking the kale juice recipes below for taste buds, keep in mind that adding more apple and carrot will make a sweeter juice. Add cucumber for a watery-thin juice. Lemon will cut the bitterness and will also thin out a thick juice.
  • Roll the green leaves in a long cylinder before feeding it into your juicer. It will juice much easier this way.

Carrot + Kale + Asparagus Juice

6 carrots
4 kale leaves
4 asparagus spears
½ apple, cored

While this combination sounds strange, it’s surprisingly sweet from the carrots and apple. 
Cut off carrot tops if necessary. Core apple and cut in half. Juice the carrots, apple, asparagus and kale as usual. Serve immediately. 

Carrot-y Kale Juice

6 carrots
1 large handful of kale

Juice the carrots and kale. Drink immediately. 

Veggie Kale Combo

1 tomato
½ cucumber
1 stalk of celery
1 small lime, peel ok
5 kale leaves

Cut the cucumber, tomato and lime in half. Juice the tomato, half the cucumber, celery, lime and 5 kale leaves. Serve. 

Cucumber + Carrot + Kale Juice

1 cucumber
4 carrots
3 kale leaves
¼ green bell pepper

Cut the cucumber into spears so it’s easy to juice. Juice the carrots, cucumber, kale and ¼ of a bell pepper. Drink immediately.

Pineapple + Kale + Ginger Juice

1/2 pineapple, cored and skinned
2 kale leaves
1 small knob of ginger

Juice half the pineapple and add the kale leaves. Add the ginger. Mix together and serve. 

Bell Pepper Kale-ade

6 carrots
½ bell pepper
Handful of kale and spinach 

Juice the carrots, ½ of a bell pepper and a small handful of kale and spinach. If you want a larger glass, add more carrots to this recipe. Drink immediately. 
This is a strong juice, but full of nutrients! 

Kale + Apple + Lemon Juice

6 kale leaves
3 green apples, cored
1 lemon
1 tiny knob of ginger

Core your apples. Juice the kale, apples, lemon and ginger together. Serve. 
This is a classic kale recipe that can be juiced every day. The apple, lemon and ginger not only add nutrition but make it taste like a green lemonade. 

Cuke Tomato Kale Cooler

1 cucumber
1 tomato
1 garlic clove, peeled
2 kale leaves

Cut the cucumber and tomato into smaller pieces for your juicer. Juice the kale, cucumber, tomato and garlic. Serve immediately. 
This one is great if you need an immune system boost, but the garlic can be left out if you prefer. You could also add ¼ of a lemon to this for a more refreshing juice. 

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